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Surgery cancelled!

My long awaited hysterectomy was scheduled for next Tuesday. I've had ten weeks notice of the date and I've prepared myself, my children and arranged work.

I got a letter today cancelling my surgery and the bee date is 11/11/14.

I am absolutely gutted as I was prepared physically, practically and emotionally to have the surgery next week!

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Oh Barb - that's dreadful news.... gutted for you.

Though looking on the brighter side - yep there is one even in darkened times - it is only a two week extra delay which in NHS terms is pretty darn good because some ladies who have been cancelled have ended up waiting a lot longer.

So frustrating having to reschedule everything again for the new date.

Did they give you a reason for the cancellation at all ?

Sending de-stressing pain killing cyber hugs your way. X


I am in the same boat mine was booked for after Christmas I had arranged everything child care things to do with him before Christmas, mum coming home from Greece to look after me and now they have moved mine to the 17 th nov . so panic on again . now the mother in law is coming till my mum arrives as she could not change her flights .

not happy but they are closing the woman's hospital after Christmas now to do refurb

good luck with yours x


Sympathies, when we have so little control over many areas of this disease, to have another surprise really sucks. I;d say let yourself be mad or upset for awhile and then try to look for the good things after you've had time to adjust to the new date.

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Oh no!! And you were so looking forward to this! Did they say why? I cross my fingers in luck that your job will let you change things around.


Frustrating news Barbara as you have been waiting so long.I would be gutted too,but lest just hope it goes ahead in 2 weeks time.Sending you a big hug.xxx


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