Anyone else had their surgery postponed and how quick is the next available surgery date?

Hi all, it's my first time posting though I have always been lurking reading.

I had been having heavy periods, extreme abdominal pain and 2 choc cysts (10cm & 4cm). Not to mention, the horrible mood swings and always feeling depressed! After all the waiting and referrals and finally a surgery date confirmed, i have been looking forward to the surgery. But just been told my surgery has been postponed! It's supposed to be on the 14th April, Monday. I am just wondering, if anyone had their surgery postponed and how long they had to wait till next scheduled date.


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It depends on so many factors.

If your surgeon is off ill and how long will they need to recover?

Is there a fault with equipment or power to the operating theatre and how long spare parts will take to replace the broken ones.

The other surgeries booked in for theatre in the coming weeks.

If you need more than one surgeon then scheduling for both surgeons to be available at the same time can add to any delays.

It may simply be that your surgeon has had an oncology case which obviously takes priority and needs the same allocated time in theatre that you had been booked for, in which case you would be high on that standby waiting list for the next available cancellation.

They will let you know as soon as a new op date can be arranged for you. Hang in there it won't be much longer to wait.

Thank you so much for replying! I did asked them the reason for cancelling but she just said it was postponed and i will be contacted soon for the next date. I was just getting really frustrated yesterday as i feel my pains are getting worse.

Hi, my surgery was initially for 7th January 2014 but they phoned and cancelled it on 3rd January as my surgeon had to take emergency leave and gave me date for 15th January straight away. Like Impatient said, it does depend on many factors, however you could ring the hospital and if they haven't got a date ready for you yet, you can request to be put on the cancellation list as well, so if anybody cancels their appointment you get in earlier. Hope this helps x

I do hope they give me a date as quick as yours! That's a good idea, i will give the hospital a ring to be on the cancellation list. Thanks!

You're welcome dear. Let me know how you get on x

My lap was due in December 2013 I was there got a bed all ready to go stockings & gown on and mid morning my consultant came & explained he had over run with the girl before me. Due to the amount of work he knew needed doing on me he had to cancel. It was rearranged for 4 weeks later. However it was over Xmas. I know how hard it is when emotionally you are prepared for it. Also organising work, kidz etc. just think everything happens for a reason. I have had issue after issue since the lap in Jan and still off work. I'm now grateful it was cancelled in December I got to enjoy Xmas. Clearly meant to be. I hope it comes soon for you xx

I can't imagine being all prepped and being cancelled! But yes, at least you got to enjoy Christmas! Yes, it's the whole getting mentally ready and sorting out leave for work and suddenly all plans changed. I was scared yet ready for it and just hope to get it done soon. I hope you feel better soon and thanks for taking the time to reply me :)

I thought i will just update the question i posted in case anyone else has the same situation.

I finally got a date for my op after weeks of calling and pestering them up. It's on the 7th July which i am not too happy about! tbh not sure is it my hormones or what, as soon as i put down the phone, i burst out crying. i just can't believe that i went to see the consultant in Dec only to have the op 7 months later (not to mention to amount of pain before being referred!). I have been put on the waiting list in case anyone cancels, fingers cross!

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