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Starting to feel really low and fed up!!

Me and my partner haven't been able to have sex for months which causes strain, me being fed up of being in pain and uncomfy all the time puts strain on us. If I'm not in pain in my pelvic area I have it all in my back! I'm just really tired of it all and wish I would stop being passer around for various tests as it's such a long process!

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It is a very long process. Once I accepted that, I found it all less stressful although I do still have bad days. It takes a huge amount of energy trying to do all the things 'normal' people do and often results in frustration which isn't very helpful. Sometimes we have to be selfish in order to get better. That means putting ourselves first!

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Thank you! I just want to be able to go back to work and do normal things again. X


I'd love to go back to work too but I began to realise that if I concentrated on my health instead of trying to get back to 'normal' too quickly then I might be lucky enough to get back to work...eventually. I have now accepted that it might be a long way off or I might end up working in a different way or working at something else that fits with my level of health. Or winning the lottery and never working again!!!

Taking that sort of approach helped reduce my stress and gave me the luxury of putting myself first...which is actually a necessity I maybe need to learn. Financially this is not easy but altering expectations can really help. There's nothing wrong with feeling low or fed up and it's important to give vent to negative feelings. I often hit low points but I don't let it take over.

As Maryna says below, if we take time we might just end up being stronger than ever. Hold on to that and tell yourself that whatever comes your way, you will find a way through it. xx


we need to start live again with our problem such as pain, not be 100% full of energy, not always ready for intercourse. It is not easy.I feel the same as you but this take a time. We can be stronger then ever:)


I'm the same I am so fed up. I have the pain constantly every day,no medication makes it go. I have been off work for several weeks and my GP has advised me today to stay off and rest for longer a possible 4 weeks!! I am currently waiting to have a lap again, only had one 7 weeks ago and already they say need to another. How do you all cope, I'm really starting to not be able to, feeling such a failure.

Sorry for the long post

Thank you x


You are NOT a failure, you are just having a tough time with it, we all have times when things seem unbearable when the pain and fatigue gets too much not to mention feeling like we are not capable of leading a normal happy life.

I am never without pain but I do have some days when the pain is less and I make the most of those days, I have learnt not to expect too much from myself when I am in pain and I am always straight with my husband and family on how I am feeling, I find that helps me a lot.

Don't be too hard on yourself and allow yourself to be fed up that's ok after all we are living with constant pain, try and find something that works for you whatever that might be and make the most of the better days even if they are few and far in between, hopefully your next lap will provide you with some relief xxx


Aww hun I no from 10 years experience wiv server endometriosis and yes its tremendous back pain if ur partner loves and understanding of u and this horrible condition then push it to the back of ur mind thats not a strain u need to worry about . I am currently waiting 4 a full hysterectomy and I'm in pain every single day day in day out I h8 it cnt run around wiv my 2 girls its hard to work 12 HR shifts 4 days a week but hay were woman we pick ourselfs bk up n we carry on keep goin cnt let this win x cnt let it beat u u beat it x :-)


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