Laparoscopy in 3 Days

Hi all - My first laparoscopy to diagnose endo and remove a 6cm cyst is on Monday. I'm really nervous, but I feel prepared thanks to many of your posts in this forum. The anxiety is getting worse though as the day gets closer. I guess I'm just looking for encouragement from those who have gone through it before. Any tips or words of support would be most welcome :)

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  • Just remember, before you know it you will be waking up and it'll all be over with. Remember to stay positive and keep in mind feelings of anxiety are normal and to be expected ! I had my first lap 2 weeks ago and I feel great ! The first week is tough but it only gets better from there. Wishing you the best of luck and a speedy recovery xx

  • Thanks for the support :) It's hard to stay positive but I'm trying. Glad that you're feeling so well after 2 weeks!

  • Hey chick! I had my lap on 20th sept to remove a 8cm cyst in my right ovary, cysts in my left ovary and clear up my endo. After the opp your tummy will feel a little sore but it will be more of a "skin" pain where they stitched i didnt have any internal pain! Your tummy will be quite inflated too where they pump you with gas but don't worry that comes out and you may get some sensation in your shoulders. Rn my stitches are still visable but its mostly scabbed and healing! I have my follow up apt in 6weeks, just get plenty of rest and relax. I had two weeks off work and spent the first week in bed. Id say make sure you got someone around for the first week to help you out and make you food because you wouldnt really want to move much x

  • I woke up with horrible cramps . Maybe from the mirena coil ? The gas pain took hold the next day 😏

  • I woke up in pain still half out of it, they gave me ketamin and codiene and i was konked out again lmao. I didnt feel the gas in my shoulder til a few days after

  • Ahhh...I'm so nervous about waking up all disoriented in recovery and being in pain! But it sounds like they treated you very quickly and you were being looked after?

  • Thanks - yes, I've got all my entertainment lined up and plan on just relaxing for two weeks straight afterward! My husband will be around for the first few days, then my best friend who is a nurse (lucky for me!)

  • I had the exact same thing in July. I was so incredibly nervous! Was quite sore for a few days after but I'm starting to feel the benefits. Just try not to rush back into things when you get home . Good luck xx

  • Nerves are the worst :( I'll try to look forward to the benefits though!

  • I was so nervous when I went into theatre they had to give me two lots of pre mess lol. My heart rate was through the roof lol I remember nothing after that .

  • I recently had my 4th lap. My best advice is to get some peppermint tea and laxatives! They use gas to inflate your belly and this sometimes becomes trapped causing pain across the top of your shoulders. I also had it all across under my ribs as well but the tea helped disperse the gas. I say laxatives as well as I had the worst constipation I've ever had after. I've had 3 c sections and never had a problem before. I think the tell tell sign was not passing wind for well over 24hrs after the op. Apparently your bowel can stay asleep after a general and take some time to get going. Wish I had taken the laxatives a couple of days before the op! Hope all goes well and don't worry! xx

  • Thanks for the advice! I've heard/read so many stories about the horrible gas and shoulder pain! I've bought some gas relief meds as well and should go out and buy peppermint tea. I've got jello and soup as well to keep it easy for the first few days. Hope you're doing well also!

  • Hi

    I have had two ..... anything was better than the pain from the endo

    The laps are fine! The only thing that I would say is that I got trapped wind .... bad

    They blow your belly up with some sort of gas so they can see more clearly

    And after the gas was trying to escape.

    All I can suggest for that is lay on your left hand side when this happens and eat chalky sweets like extra strong mints

    But honestly the op and after care is fine. Nothing to worry about at all! If they said I needed another one (which I might) I'd have it tomorrow without a worry.

    U will be fine xxx

  • Really comforting to hear you'd do it again if you had to. How long did the gas pain last for you?

  • After the lap I wouldn't say it was painful it was more a bit sore - couldn't move easily for about a week. I had two weeks of work and was fine when I went back

    The trapped wind lasted about 3-4 days sometimes is was very painful but anything that makes u burp I did - I drank DrPepper cos that makes me burp loads lol

    Like I said though make sure u lay of your left hand side when it's trapped it does help and get someone to wind you like they would a baby ( patting and rubbing your back between shoulder blades )

    Honestly it's nothing to worry about the pain of endo is far far far worse than recovering from a lap.

    Let me know how you get on xxx

  • I'm feeling the absolute same my lap is in a couple of weeks, I'm absolutley dreading it and the after care with 3 kids a business and a dog to look after 😢 I hate having to depend on anybody too. I'm going to be the worst patient ever 🙈🙈

  • Good luck!! I don't have any kids so I can't image how hard that must be to coordinate. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Hi. I'm going in for my first laproscopy on Monday too so I understand the anxiety and nerves. Hope it all goes smoothly for you xx

  • You as well! Hearing from everyone makes me feel a bit more confident that many women have gone through this. Good luck on yours.

  • I had my first one yeasterday, like you I found a lot of comfort from people on here. I was in agony with the gas but that seems to have settled the nurse recommended peppermint oil caps to help and it didn't last too long. I've found a hot rice bag on my shoulders has given me a lot of relief from the wind pains.

    Coming round I felt really sick with the morphine but generally it was ok and I'm not feeling too bad now. Glad I've got the hubby here to look after me. Good luck and don't forget your slippers and dressing gown for the hospital!

  • Wow, only yesterday! Glad you're doing okay and have someone to look after you. Ugh, one of my fears is waking up and immediately being ill from the anesthesia and pain meds.

  • Hope it all went well and your nursing team looked after you well! Good luck xx

  • How did it all go 😀

  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your advice and kind words. The surgery went well this past Monday and I'm home recovering. The biopsies confirmed endometriosis and I had it removed from several places: both ovaries, peritoneal cavity, cul de sac, and rectum. I found out my left fallopian tube had also been blocked. Relieved that I have a final diagnosis and looking forward to my follow up with the surgeon to understand what stage I have and my chances for pregnancy post-surgery. I must say this forum has been so helpful throughout the diagnosis process and surgery.

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