Endometriosis again!

. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 20 of about 2cm in my left ovary on september 2013. Every doctor that we met told me that I needed laparoscopy. We waited for 5 months after which it grew and became 7cm. I had my laparoscopy on April 2014. Soon after 2 months i.e. june 2014 it grew back and it was 1cm. Though I was on hormonal treatment still idk why it came back. This is changing my whole life I have become depressed due to this cyst and medicines which have these depressing effects. I don't want to have another surgery or become infertile. I want to live a normal life like before. My matter of concern is that if it is dangerous for this cyst to grow so fast and it might make my fertility impossible?

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Don't panic, like you mine came back after 3 months try the zopalax treatment I have been on top form, I've not had to have any more surgery and can live a pain free life, don't give up and it's very rare for endo to make you permanently infertile you may like myself just need a hand when the time comes xxxx

Thanks for your reply :D can you inform me a bit about this treatment? What is it?

The treatment is a chemically induced menopause it's very effective

Do you think it will be appropriate for me at this age?

If your not going through the menopause it will work

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