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Follow up appointment after no endometriosis is found

Hi guys,

I have my follow up appointment on Monday after my laparoscopy last month where no endo was found.

During laparoscopy they removed a cyst, took biopsy’s and said my ovaries are bulky and lining is thick. That was just read of paper to me by a nurse before discharged. This is all I know.

I’ve had the same pain since my laparoscopy that I had before it. If not worse.

I’m already panicking and can’t sleep cause I’m worrying that they’re going to say nothing wrong and discharge me. I don’t know how I will cope if this is the case and I have to start back at square one.

I’ve made a list of things to ask but just looking for advice from your experience (if you’re in similar situation) of anything I need to say.

I haven’t worked in months, I’ve hardly left the house during these months either. Feeling very depressed and as though my life is on hold.

I know there is something wrong but I’m worried that on Monday if I’m not at my worst during my appointment they will think I’m exaggerating. Some days I can hardly walk, other days I can cope better.

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Hi there ,

I had exactly the same situation as yours.

After years battling with some sort of abdominal pain,changing different medications, waiting ages for every single appointment,being on and off at work they have finally decide to a lap on me.

When I woke up I thought that everything is sorted and my life will be back to normal but I was disappointed even more.

The gyn said that she burned some sort of cyst that was on my womb but she couldn't specify what was it. They also took some samples to biopsy and as well mentioned that my ovaries are bulky and lining is thick.

I was very angry when they discharged me saying that everything is fine I just need to rest from the surgery. So I did for 2 months and nothing changed the pain was even worse.

I changed my gyn and I had a very long conversation with him about mistake that's been done during my lap. He put me on Prostap for 6 moths .

I'm currently waiting for my second injection and so far I've only had a terrible side effect from it but no relief at all.

Feel free to message me at any time.



Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s so stressful trying to get the answers we need. 😔 x

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I was told straight after my lap that they didn't want to see me again and if pain persisted to go back to my GP but I don't have it in me to start again from scratch, so I think I'm taking a few months out to try and monitor and manage the pain myself before starting with the whole process again! Fingers crossed you get some answers x

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Thank you x


Hi, well I am the same as you, I still haven’t heard anything from the Gynae, no follow up appointment has been made 😞

I am a tad scared as no Endo was found and they removed a cyst from ovary and an ectropian from my cervix sent multiple biopsy’s, I just don’t want to be discharged and told it’s all in my head, 😩

I really do hope your follow up gives you the answers you have been looking for. 🤔


I’ll let you know how I get on, hope you’re doing ok x

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I am doing good, thanks my bleeding stopped about 2 days after we last spoke, so hopefully next month should be better xxx good luck tomorrow xx


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