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Hi Everyone,

My name is Rebecca and I am 27 years old.

This is the first time I have joined a forum of any kind! I am hoping to gain some advice and hints and tips! I started looking through all the posts from everyone and for the first time in years I dont feel so alone anymore! So, ill start at the beginning and tell you my story...(apologies in advance, its quite long!)

I was placed on the Pill at 13 because of heavy/irregular periods and bad skin/weight issues.

I was bounced through all the different kinds of pills and was diagnosed with PCOS at 16.

I had an abnormal smear by the time i was 18/19 and I had an ectropion cervix and was constantly bleeding, I had surgery to burn the cells off, this didnt work, I then had them frozen off this didn't work, it was then realised it was the pill causing it and was moved onto the implant - - the one with only one hormone on it. I also kept gaining weight

This didnt work so I was given the Mirena coil. This was the best thing since sliced bread, I was able to loose 3 stone as the hormone is localized. I also stopped having period altogether. It didnt help with my bad skin though but this was manageable.

I still had smears every 6 months, then a year and two etc.

I managed ok for a couple years...

18 months ago I had another routine smear and it came back abnormal again, I was advised to wait a further 6 months and have it done again....my instinct told me not to...so I went private.

Smear was repeated with the same outcome and an internal ultrasound was done. Then my doctor went in!

I had a laparoscopy and it was found that i had a lot of scar tissue and endo. this was removed, new coil put in.

18 months later i am having severe pelvic pain just on the left lower abdomen. I went back to my doc (she is fantastic by the way...it really does help through all this to find a doctor who really cares). We decided to try some medication before we head back to surgery and so i was put on a course of tablets for 6 weeks (i dont know the name but can find out if anyone needs the name). Well the side effects were horrendous. I was already boated, gaining weight, bad skin and pain and bleeding and these just made it worse! I went back had another round of tests, all clear but was offered to try different tabs. In the end i didnt take them, i was just to afraid i would get worse! Then last weekend (3 weeks away from my next docs appointment) the pain got worse! So i went back and a cyst has been discovered. I now have more surgery scheduled for the 11th Oct.

Among all this at 6 i was diagnosed with Hypo-mobility syndrome and had to give up my dancing from the pain and headaches! I read another post that has linked the treatments to this! Two years ago I also got a prolapsed disc in my lower back and issued with the facet joints which i have had all the epidural and steroid injections, de-nervation twice and if this doesn't work the disc will have to be fused or removed, im now 27.

I also have IBS! I went on holiday to Egypt in my early twenty's and caught a really nasty bug and for 6 weeks was constantly going to the loo and in pain. After tests they diagnosed IBS. I have been to dietitians, done the FODMAP diet etc, cut out carbs, dairy etc etc and various variations.

SO i really do struggle to combat all of these issues, esp with exercise as i know this will help the endo and IBS to loose the weight but it hurts and I am limited with the hypo-mobility and back problems. Yoga and Pilates I love but cannot do as it just messes up my joints even more! Swimming is ok but im so not confident in my body that i struggle with this. I was doing so well though going 3/4 times a week until just recently and my weight has gone up with the new round of endo/cyst. I actually look preggers! (another anxiety issue obvs is fertility).

SOOOOOO... after all this as you are all aware I suffer from anxiety and depression quite badly. The anxiety only really came on this time last year when my back, the endo all happened at once.

For this i have had CBT therapy and this really did help. I am waiting for a second round as everything has all come back I feel myself spiraling out of control once again. I really would recommend this, it helps you gain control and recognize your symptoms and ways to deal with it all. I have the techniques now and I know what i can do and I am trying but just feel a little fed up at the mo! I also do not want to take anti-depressants, I want more natural things in my body!

SO yesterday I found this website and the forum and started looking into different natural ways to help! so iv got myself a book for food recipes and have signed up for the support group and now I am writing my story to you all. Its the first time iv ever written about it and seeing it all down in black and white has made me see that yes i really do suffer a fair amount ( although I know there are many out there that suffer more of course) and that I am doing well to cope as much as i have done! I also have a plan and have swapped out my lovely English Breakfast tea for all the fruit teas inc peppermint to see if this does help with bloating. I am also going to detox after my surgery, which is one of my questions:

Q: Is it ok to detox after surgery, its one that is designed for people with endo and IBS, Aloe Vera juice is a key ingredient and supplements are provided and after the first 3 days 600 calorie meals are allowed. My friend has IBS, done it lost some weight and more importantly feels like her tummy has been "re-set"...i could do with some of this haha!

Q2: Any advice for my amazing boyfriend and friends/parents who have to watch me suffer and put up with me snapping and low moods. I end up feeling so guilty about it so would like any advice for them and me to help!

So I come to the present and am nervous about hitting the submit button!

Thank you for reading my story and I hope to speak soon xxx

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Aloe Vera should be avoided - if you have IBS - it is stomach irritant.

For all supplements and ingredients - take a look on the WebMD website (US version - not the UK version) and it lists the side effects, drug interactions and so on.

Always worth checking each ingredient out. It doesn't specifically affect endo, but

have look and you'll see the warnings for Aloe taken by mouth


Stick that website on your favourites list and you can refer back to it time and again when checking supplements out. It is very handy tool to refer to.


Thank you so much! I will do :)


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