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somebody help me please

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i am having an absolute awful time at the moment. i have had symptoms of endometriosis now for 2 1/2 years since my daughter was born. i have heavy painful periods, terrible back pain i am always feeling sick, i bleed in between periods for about 1 week bleed after sex, but sex is so painful i cannot try to concieve. i am so exhausted, i am so upset i feel all on my own. please i need someone to talk to who understands.

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You are not alone in this. We are all here for each other, I know how you feel, are you going to see your gynae soon? What is the situation with your endo, did you have a lap etc?

I would recomment to book an appointment asap and take it from there. Try especially at night a hot pad, its very soothing, I sleep with it every night! :)

Jo x

Hi... Sorry your having a awful time..have you been diognoised yet? You need to get referred if not so your pain can try and be controlled..

It's a very lonely disesase to have as no one truely understands..

Please don't feel your alone.. There's loads of lovely ladies on endometriosis uk that will advise you as well xxx

Hi summersmummy

You poor thing :( It's a vicious circle, isn't it?

As the other ladies have said, what is the situation, have you been diagnosed yet? If not, that needs to be a priority, especially as you are trying to conceive.

But regardless, you need to talk to a doctor about what's going on. You can't carry on like this, and you don't have to. Make an appointment with your GP and explain everything and ask for some help, whether that's pain relief or maybe something to help with depression.

And you're not on your own

Take care, and make that appointment

C xxx


My endo symptoms appeared 2 years after giving birth (c-section).

My intuition tells me i have been ''infected'' during the c-section (have endo cells spread out of my uterus into my belly at that moment? My gyneco says 'could be'.)

In your case, how did you give birth?

lola (paris)

Hi - I was also told that it was probably my c-section that triggered my endo. Although I always had awfully painful periods long before that. It did also take quite some years after my c-section (c15) before I became incapacitated and sought out hel . Like most ladies, we tend to grin and bear it until that becomes impossible as it disrupts daily life. A general gynae had previously told me my only option was a hysterectomy but, with a specialist endo consultant, I had other options presented to me and I am pleased with the outcome.

Ask your GP to refer you to an endo specialist consultant rather than a general gynae. As the title 'general' can sometimes speak for itself. I am sure some are brilliant and there must be some general gynaes who have an over-arching interest in endo but for others, it is just a string to a wide bow. An endo specialist will have been dedicated to endo.

I wish you all the best in getting the help you need.

Like the other ladies have said, talking to your GP is the first step.

All best wishes to you

F x x

finding an endo adhesion gyne specialist rather than a general gyne is the best way forward.

Hi Sweetheart.

I can highly recommend meeting the Endo Angel. It is all about going natural and allowing your body to really heal.

Check it out:



Hi there

I was having the same symptoms and as I have a Bicornuate Uterus and cysts anyway I thought that it was just this, though the pain got so bad the hospital thought I maybe having an Ectopic Pregnancy but on the Ultra Scan it showed that I had Endometriosis Cysts.

I’m really scared as well as I’m only 23 and I want children in the future.

I feel really alone at the minute, I wish we were more educated about these things at school.

Hope your ok, even though its only the internet it’s comforting to know there’s women out there that understand and we can support each other, the first thing you should do is see your GP and get that Scan done.



yes!!!!! i finally have an appointment bt can you believe it the woman that diagnosed me no longer works at the hospital so great im gonna get yet another doctor that doesnt know whats going on, i am not trying every thing i have tried before. he can forget it ay girls.

thankyou to everybody that responed to me soo quickly it made me feel so much better to know you all know what im going through.


I now have to wait until November until i can get seen by the gyno once again my pain is getting worse the other day it was the last day of my period and it was okay and all of a sudden I was crouched over in absolute agony!! I was so scared i nearly rang a&e but took the diclofenac tabs that the otha gyno gave me and it relived it anough for me to walk p the stairs to bed. Its getting awful I hope they actually listen to me and put me straight through to the lap.

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