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Aches & pains in my leg & bum

I can't sleep tonight. I have aches & pains in my legs and right bum. I had open surgery to remove a 10cm cyst along with my right ovary over a month ago now. I'm not yet back at work and try to walk a little bit more each day. I have had to get up to eat something so I can take pain killers. I have been walking about to try & help, but I'm so tired. Then I get a nose bleed! Maybe I'm being stupid but I don't want DVT. I'm seeing my consultant on Thursday for my post op appointment so I will tell him this.

Just so frustrated.


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It would be unusual to develop DVT in both legs - usually it is just one that occurs. It isn't impossible, but less likely, if you are spending too much time sedentary then that does increase the risks.

I know its knackering and painful after a big op to keep active - but it really is so important - not just for blood circulation, but for healing and keeping the bowels working too.

Drink lots of water - not only will that keep you flushed through - the more ties you are needing to pop to the loo the better - as that is exercise and keeping active.

You don't need to be walking round the neighbourhood, or trekking , but you do need to be keeping upright, and moving about the house as much as possible.

A pedal exerciser can help while you are sat down


Nothing fancy needed - just a basic model will do. You can be doing this while doing other things like reading or surfing the net or watching tv.

It took me over 4 months to be op pain free and it certainly was sore, very sore for the first couple of months.

I was lucky - we had an old dog and she needed twice a day slow walks, so that got me out of the house. Mum came with me in the beginning just incase I couldn't cope but day by day it did get easier and wasn't long before I was much happier heading out on my own.

It does take time, 1 month is just 4 weeks and is nothing in time terms, nowhere near enough healing and recovery from a major op. Be kind to yourself. it is frustrating but it does get better ..eventually.


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