Pain litterally in the bum and down my leg

Hello everyone.

im new on here. Not diagnosed yet but had long and very painfull periods since i csn remember. Im 33 now and in 2009 was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Luckily it was caught quickly and removed.but because of that im never taken seriously or listened too about the pain and constant bleeding i suffer from. I bleed for at least 3 weeks and have loads of bowl problems and extreme pain in my right leg and bum for at least 3days every month. Im constantly exhausted and its really effecting my life. Luckliy i managed to get pregnant and have a daughter whos nearly 3 but i struggle to look after her on my bad days without alot of painkillers.

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  • Didn't like to read and run, sorry to hear about your cervical cancer glad it was caught quickly and removed.

    Surely your doc should be taking every thing you say more seriously concidering your past health.

    That's ridiculous they don't listen to you or take you seriously.

    The pain in right leg and bum sounds like nerve damage pain, that's what I have due a large cyst in 2015 and endo I take gabapentin for it along with other meds though that one is for the shooting pains and does help dull the pain, good luck and call doc Tom demand some help and to be took seriously xxxx

  • Thanks hun.

    i have asked for another refferal to gyne.last time i waz there they basically offered a hysterectomy but said they couldnt guarntee it would solve the pain or bleeding and im self employed so cant afford the time off to recover. Just hope theres something else they can help with. Ill keep on at them.xx

  • My pain combo that helps dull it for me is gabapentin, tramadol, paracetomal and diclofenic, hot water bottles heat pads and tiger balm don't get me wrong some days it does nothing for the pain others it does.

    Totally understand where you coming from I'm the same Hun and went back today 8days post op after emergency lap for ruptured cyst and endo, cause I really can't afford the time off suffering for it now and mentally and physically exhausted all incisions are infected so back on anti biotics which I'm hoping help my throat too so run down 🙊😡😱 give me my car keys and let me drive lol xxxx

  • Ahh bless you hope you get sorted soon that sounds awfull.xx

  • Hi, just read your post and my ears pricked up when you mentioned pain in your bum and down your leg. I too suffer with this. I have lots of tummy problems which I won't bore u with, but I'm also wanting to know what this pain is. I went to my GP and he said I must of hurt my coxic. I know I haven't. When I'm sat and want to get up, the pain is excruciating, I have to do it slowly. I don't get the pain down the leg all the time, but the pain up my bum is always there. My GP said it could be sciatica , but again, I know it's not. I've a terrible feeling it's something nasty. xxxx

  • Shame I know it's easy for me to say though try not to worry it's something nasty, hugs xxxx my doc and gp said it was most likely my endo and scar tissue from previous cyst removal at that side that was pressing on sciatic nerve and they prescribe the gabapentin which o have to Say did ease it xxxd

  • Hiya, I've been on gabbapentin before but unfortunately it made my hair fall out so now I'm on the sister drug, pregabbalin .... I'm still suffering so going to demand camera up the bum to see what's happening 😊

  • Shame hope you have had some relief today? Yeah that may be an idea hope you get some help advice and support from doctor soon.

    Gabapentin interesting it made your hair fall out as last time o was totally fine with it though this time my hair has been falling out and snapping and just limp and horrible thanks for sharing that as I had thought it was just the stress of being ill and worrying thank you. How are you finding the pregablin? XXXX

  • Hi, yeah the GP doesn't tell you that your hair may fall out until you go back half bald in tears. The pregabbalin is much better, my hair has slowed down falling out and seems to ease the pain (mixed with my other meds) it took months and months to find the correct combination of drugs that give me some kind of relief. The best pain relief I take is morphine liquid. I'm on morphine tablets too but the liquid is much better. I'm on a pretty high dose though which isn't good. My body is now used to the meds so I'm on pretty much high dose of everything. Ask your GP to change you to pregabbalin and tell him why. I've lost half my hair because of gabbapentin and its soul destroying. xxx

  • Yer i know its not nice when youve got sometime playing on yr mind just push for tests so you can rule things out for your own sanity. Thanks again for all the advice its been tourture this weekend and cant get in docs with the bank hols etc. Im guna ring tomo see if they can do something soon or give me something else to ease the pains.

    ps dont know if youve tried it alreasy but nioxin shampoo range is excellent for hairloss and so are Sea kelp tablets. (Im a hairdresser) might be worth a try if you can.

    Oh n daft question but theres no point doing a laroscopy if im not having the cramp in my stomach right? It used to be herrendous there but since i had my daughter its moved to my back bum and legs. X

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your cervical cancer but I am glad it was treated quickly.

    I know it's difficult but keep pushing to see a gynaecologist. I had to fight with the hospital for two years for my diagnostic lap (as do a lot of endo suffers). It turned out I had stage 4 endo with bowel involvement. I have undergone signicant surgery since.

    In relation to bum pain I get/got this. I think the endo/inflammation/adhesions can irritate nerves causing back pain/shooting pains. You can get endo on your sciatic nerve but I think it is fairly rare. Unfortunately, mine was actually an additional back problem which was picked up on an mri.

    I hope you get some answers

    D X

  • When your mri picked up additional back problem can I ask was you lying on stomach or back for you mri? Sorry if sounds silly question just wondered as when I had my last Mri 8 weeks ago guy said you may need another for back? I'm going again on 24th for another of my pelvic area and stomach as they said they needed to see what cysts were attached to so wondering if they'd do back save me going again or can this be seen from lying on my back xxxx

  • I was lying on my back. But the MRI was specifically to look at my spine. They wanted to check that I didn't have a back problem as I've had to have a lot of physio for back pain. You would have to speak to them I imagine, as I'm not sure if it can all be done at the same time xxx

  • Thank you. Feel crap having to tel docs what i think is wrong with me i just tick all the boxes for endo and everything everyone on here says makes sense to me and seems soo obvious its just really frustrating. X

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