pains in upper tummy ?

hi thanks to the 2 ladies that answered my last question ..was just wondering, does any body else suffer with what feel like sharp pulling pains in there upper tummy that are agony when pressed on? - i know i shudntpress what hurts but there wierd. i get one and it lasts for about 8-24 hrs then il get one somewere else. so wierd. i have one right now and i almost feels hard were i push like iv pulled a muscle pain.. but i havent? any advice ? thanks again

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  • Hiya,

    I get that too, just like by my diaphragm and I get it like where my waist is too. I don't know why it happens but it does. It really hurts and I usually get it in between the normal endo pains. I couldn't tell you what it is though unfortunately.

    Hope it gets better,

    Leya :) xx

  • Have you thought about what you may have eaten on the lead up to these pains. Trapped wind and constipation can be agony! this coming from someone who has had a bowel rupture. I try to cut back on fizzy drinks, red meat and any other foods known to cause wind or are hard to digest. Good luck hun x

  • I also get it in the diaphragm area, I cam deal with the lower pains (just) but really hurts, this has lasted two weeks so far , wish I knew why xx

  • I get it in diaphragm too angelswings and its not related to when I eat, almost feels as if the muscle there has gone rigid.... very painful, especially when I cough. xx

  • I to have those pains. I'm putting itddown to the poking and prodding when I had my lap two weeks ago. Have been taking painkillers for it that helps a bit. I know it sounds silly but I've also found having antacids help ease this. A nurse that gave me that advice but as I said it does easeit. Hope your pains ease soon.

  • I also get these pains. I have stage 4 endo but I'm lucky in that fact that I only really get pain when I'm on my period. To me it feels like bad heartburn and I used to put it down to amount of painkillers I was taking. But of late it can be worse that the endo pain itself. I boil grated ginger (not the powdered stuff) and have real ginger tea it really helps try it!

  • Thanks for your replies lady's. glad to hear I'm not the only one with this wired pain. X

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