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Mirena stuck to bowel

Hi I had the mirena fitted after major endo debulking surgery. All was well for the first two months and then the pain started again. It was found that the mirena had perforated my womb (most likely on insertion) and needed to be removed laparoscopically.

I had the op yesterday and they found that the mirena was stuck between my bowel and uterus and decided not to remove it for risk of perforating my bowel. They then inserted another mirena.

I now have a pointy coil stuck close to my bowel indefinitely and I'm very worried that if I become a bit constipated or exercise too vigorously then I risk damaging my bowel. Also is it safe to have a coil in your body forever?

If anyone has any advice or similar experiences I would love to hear from you. I am 34 and diagnosed with endo in 2009 x

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Ouch !!!!

There is not problem leaving a coil in the body in normal circumstances for ever and a day. It can remain in the uterus for years after the hormones have all leaked out.

The concern here is that it is in a place likely to threaten the bowel.

I think if i was in your situation, I would ask to be referred to a bowel surgeon (colorectal) and seek a 2nd opinion from them on whether it is possible to get the 1st mirena removed or whether it is safer to leave it where it is.

It may take more specialised surgical skill that your surgeon who gave your the lap yesterday was trained for and quite rightly they didn't want to risk causing more serious damage in attempting something beyond their expertise.

It's still so soon after your lap - to be doing anything about following this up yet-.

Get plenty of rest and gentle exercise to get you through the next fortnight of recovery and over the anaesthetic and CO2 gas etc.

Then book to discuss this with your GP and let him or her make enquiries with other surgeons on your behalf to find out more about what the prognosis is and what if anything can be done to rectify the situation.

Mirena perforation is about 1 in 1000 cases and is usually very easy to resolve with a lap op. So you are a very rare case indeed to have to be referred on to someone else . Not that it will be much consellation, but I do suspect that in hands of the right surgeon you would be able to get no.1 mirena removed and out of the way.

Very best of luck for a speedy resolution to all of this. it must be very worrying for you until the situation is resolved.

Keep us posted on your progress. There are a lot of us mirena users on this forum, had a few fall out cases before now and I can recall reading of a few perforation cases on other websites, but all have had their roving mirenas removed with surgery eventually.


Thank you for replying to my post. I agree that I do need to concentrate on my recovery right now, and have booked to see my GP to discuss my options next week.

I will keep you posted. This site is such a help, both practically and emotionally. It's nice to know that I'm not alone, and there are people who care enough to respond.

Thank you x


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