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Pelvic pain, ovulation pain, could it be endo or something else? Does anyone else suffer like this??

I had the merina could removed start of 2013 as I felt something was wrong, I then I had my right overy removed in summer 2013 due to a large dermatoid cyst. Since then I have become increasingly ill. Fatigue, pelvis pain which is even more pain ful during "ovulation" or what should be that time. I have extremely light periods which are black or brown in colour.

I suffer with depression and anxiety with my hormones all over the place. I get constant cramp pains. Back pain all the time. The pain in my hip is like snapping feeling. I want to wee all the time and sometime I feel like my bowel or bladder just doesn't empty when I go for a wee or poo.

Things have got worse. I was put on prostap injections but had a bad reaction so came off it. They wanted to see if it helped. I have a investigation surgery in a week time to rule out endometriosis or adeshions.

I have been ill this week and taking morphine to help the pain along with neofpan painkillers and few others.

I am struggling to wee. I have facial fair and my breast have leeked fluid for many years. I am worried about not been able to have kids and if I will pass anything on to baby. I don't feel I can try yet for kids due to all the strong pain killers I am on. And prostap will still be coming out my system.

I just wanted some advice if anyone feels and has sysmptoms like me and what have they been diagnosed with. Any help and support will be greatly accepted.

From a lost person... With no where to turn to. I just feel like the doc think am making it up.

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