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Does anyone on here suffer with recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease?

Hello all, I had a GP appointment earlier on in the week to try and push for more answers. He had a look through all of my notes taken from other GPS throughout the year and said I've had a ridiculous amount of infections. He said because of this it could well be pelvic inflammatory disease that keeps coming back and causing more and more scaring. So I'm now on a cocktail of antibiotics again and told me if they don't work he will referre me back to the gynae. I asked him what can cause this and he said STDs and being sexually active. But the thing is I've always been so cauful and ocd about this. I also can't have sex at the moment anyway because of the pain.

Just out of interest I was wandering if any endo sufferers have had this problem with infections?

I have had a laparoscopy done with a gynae last year with no endometriosis found. They did find my ovary stuck to the pelvic floor wall. They moved it back into the normal place and I was told the pain should now go away. 6 months down the line and I still have all of my symptoms along with pain that is causing me to miss work. I know pelvic inflammatory disease can cause things to stick. I'm just concerned that there's something els wrong with me and just want to know why it keeps on coming back. I'm sick of going round in circles and taking antibiotics all the time.

If there are any PID sufferers on here I would much appreciate any advice on how to help manage symptoms. Xx

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I’ve been recently diagnosed with PID but not much pain. After doing research and this blog a lot of women use castor oil packs and Sterrapase (typo) which helps with removing scar tissue. Maybe this is something you can try.

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Thankyou for your reply, That's definitely worth a try! X


I’m sorry, what is your symptoms?

I hope you will feeling better!


Thank you for your reply. I have a number of symptoms that I'm not even sure if they are apart of the problem but they include, really bad pelvic pain, lower back pain, sciatica, tiredness, funny bowel movements, trapped wind, painful sex along with bleeding after, UTI's and I also have a messed up cycle if it wasn't for the pill I would be on one massive period all the time. I have been diagnosed with PCOS but I was told they shouldn't be causing all of this pain. X



I’ve diagnosed with PCOS too, and i ask my dr if PCOS cause pain, Dr said no but then i ask ladies here in the community they had PCOS pain...

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Oh that's interesting hearing that because my Dr looked at me as though I was crazy when I had just been diagnosed with PCOS and told him the pain was unbearable. It gets so bad I can't sleep at night and sometimes I can't move because of the pain. My Dr just said they don't cause that much pain at all.


PID can cause from anything not just stds and sexually active!!! Your dr just like my dr!!

I think i got PiD from my previous D&C

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1) The causes of infections are: a) unprotected sexual intercourse for STDs (like chlamydia or trichomonas) or b) an imbalance in the pH of the vagina which leads to the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Endometriosis can cause inflammation which can alter the pH of the body and lead to this. Gardnerella is an example of a non-sexually transmitted disease that can cause PID and which onset can be caused my inflammation. Until you tell me which infections you have, I won't be able to tell you if it's a consequence of endo or a consequence of unprotected sex.

2) Other than antibiotics, there are so many natural helpers when it comes to recurring infections.

First of all, you need to have a healthy bowel and vaginal pH. In order to have that, you need to have a lot of RAW VEGGIES (not cooked), fresh fruit (preferably with the peel), omega 3-rich fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna), butyric acid (which can be found in grass-fed animal butter), fermented foods (goat's yoghurt and kefir are very helpful!). Go for free-range eggs instead of cheese and meat. Avoid alcohol, coffee, refined carbs of any kind, fried and processed foods, cured meats, cow's milk and cheese for at least two weeks.

There are also amazing aids such as vitamin C-based vaginal suppositories. If you are lacking good bacteria, there are also probiotic-based vaginal suppositories to put. They are amazing aids gainst recurring infections.

Follow 2) while on antibiotics.

Once you are done, ask for probiotics to replenish the intestinal microbiome.

These are my pieces of advice.

I have had a few infections and thanks to these diet changes I now have no more. Let me know how it went when the antibiotics treatment is over!


Thank you!


That's very interesting because one of my GPs said I had an imbalance of PH and I was given some sort of antibiotic for it.

Thank you so much for your advice! I did talk to a dietitian about it and I've pretty much gone vegan in the way of eating lot's of fresh green veggies and cut out cheese. It's a bit personal but I was getting constipated as well so I've had make sure I have a high fiber diet. But it's still early days.

Thank you again I'll let you know how the diet change goes. Xx


Your story same like her a bit :


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OMG that does sound like the same as me! X


What type of antibiotics did your Dr gave you?


I'm on ofloxacin and metronidazole twice a day. I have been on lot's of different ones in the past but I can't remember what they are all called. 🙈



Hope you feel better!

How do you cope with your everyday life when you in pain?

Are you now back at work?

I’m at work but I really can’t focus, feeling aching all over



Thank you! Still a little sore but I'm getting there. Hope you're coping?

I'm back at work because unfortunately there's only so much time I can have off so I've just gotta push myself.

I make sure I take painkillers every day and I also use a hot water bottle which I take with me every morning. I don't know if you find the same? But I always feel much worse in the mornings I think it's because the pain killers don't kick in until later.

I do sometimes work half days because I get so tired and struggle to work full time. It's important to take it easy.

Have you tried any pain killers?

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