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Does anyone else suffer from lower back pain from endo? Any tips on easing it?

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Hi there,

I got diagnosed with endo towards the end of last year. I had surgery (at beginning of Dec 2018) to try and remove most of the endo (as well as removing a 20cm cyst and my left ovary). However, along with other common symptoms, I'm still suffering with a lot of lower back pain. Does anyone else struggle with this? And do you have any tips on how to ease the pain? At the moment, my hot water bottle is my best friend!!

Thanks!! :)

14 Replies
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Absolutely I feel your pain! Hot water bottle is my best friend also-as well as a nice hot bath! I feel I need to be careful with the water bottle now though after seeing some posts of people being scarred with a permanent rash. If you find another remedy please let us know! Xxx

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Bella_jane in reply to emmaquinny

Oh I didn’t know about the permanent rash - will watch out for over-using! Thank you and will let you know if I find any other tips! :) x

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Hey :) I'm the same and really struggle with lower back pain sometimes. I've always used heat on them too but recently I found this cream that seems to help. It's called doterra deep blue (I think) - it's fairly expensive but you only need a small amount so I think the tube will last a while! They sell little samples of it on amazon as well if you wanted to try it before buying :) I also use BeYou strips which seem to have a similar effect X

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Bella_jane in reply to Ericaa42

Thanks so much for that advice - will order a sample of the cream tonight! Willing to pay quite a bit for something if it works! Thank you :) x

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Thecraftyadder in reply to Ericaa42

This sounds interesting. Does the cream smell strong? Deep heat cream is great but stinks so I don't feel I could use it in work so I'd be curious to know about this one...

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Hiya, I am in the same boat as you. I have tried several different pain killers such as co-codamol, naproxen, hormone tablets the lot but nothing touched it. I was recently prescribed etoricoxib and it has helped so much. I no longer have pain every day only slightly now and then. I would definitely suggest this to your doctor! I’ve heard hot water bottles are great too and I do something use a heat pad and they do help a lot xx

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Hi Bella_jane,

Exercise is the best non drug treatment for pain. And a nice warm bath each day def would help. Sorry you're prob not feeling like any of this right now, but perhaps further down the track. I can only hope your endo was "cut" out and not "burnt" off. As burning it off causes you extreme pain.

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I had lap and excision in November but I am struggling with lower back pain. I find gentle pilates helps as it strengthens and stretches the lower back and core. Also my tens machine is useful as an alternative to my hot water bottle. Sadly I'm assuming that the lower back issues are here to stay. Mine is worse at the moment as its the week leading up to my period.

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Get yourself a tens machine! All the hot water bottles in the world can’t touch it like a tens. I had adenomyosis and that caused me intense lower back back. I took all manner of pain meds but the yen’s was amazing. X

in reply to Zoehman82

Absolutely agree. I got my first tens machine a few months ago and it's the best thing ever.

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I use the stick on heat pads from Wilkos as there only £1 and i can then wear them at work, i have the same issue with daily lower back pain, i cant sit down to long or constantly have to fidget in my seat at work. My GP is sending me to a chiropractor but i'm not 100% sure that will help yet. I have heard that acupuncture is meant to work wonders as well. hope you find a solution. x

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Yes! I relate! Mine had gotten worse radiating to my pelvis, hips, buttocks, legs, knees and toes. Like most of of you, my heat pad is my bestest of friends. I went to see a Doctor who uses a machine I had never heard of, Indiba Hipertermia, ir works in your deep tissues. He also massaged my back and aligned my vertebrae. I will admit, it was painful, nonetheless, I will say for now, I am drastically better. I will see what happens in my next cycle. If it really is better, than I think I have finally found someone that can help without operating and taking in hormones. I can keep you updated! Crossing my fingers? I am sorry for your pain! Much love!


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It could be due to thickening of the ligaments between your uterus and sacrum, it could be due to the posture you have assumed for the pain, it could be due to a tilted uterus.

I would say that if it is intense and never goes away, you need x-rays to make sure your spine is well. If it's just because of ligaments or nerves or the position of the uterus, yoga/pilates/swimming midly a few times a week can help immensely

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Yip lower back ache all the time plus constant tailbone pain. Hot water bottle is my best friend but definitely watch the burning of your skin. I had so much pain before my op that i made a mess of my skin with the hot water bottle. Luckily i didnt permanently scar myself xx

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