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Hi I am having my lap tomorrow but before I forget I wanted to ask about Diclofenac. Last time I asked for a repeat prescription for Diclofenac, my GP said it is banned since Christmas as the risk of heat attack is high. I had some left from last year and it was running out. Diclofenac is one of the painkiller which works better for me. He had to push me Naproxen but they aren't as effective as Diclofenac.

I think I need more Diclofenac after the lap. I am not sure if I can cope with Naproxen (with co-codamol or solpadole). When I had a lap last year my hospital was going to give me a box of Diclofenac but I had some at home so I refused it :( .

Is Diclofenac ban a national thing? I feel in two ways that if it is that risky as GP stopped prescription I shouldn't take them but what else works for me?

I have Tramadol but it space me out. Maybe it is OK after the lap as I need rest but I get very nauseous too.

Have you been getting Diclofenac?


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No it is not 'banned' at all. Doctors have been advised by NICE to stop prescribing it and switch women on to the safer option Naproxen, but you can still get Diclofenac..it is still sold over the counter too under the brand name Voltarol in the UK.

Some countries have indeed banned it because it kills Vultures - like those countries in the Indian sub-continent, but we don't have a wild Vulture population in the UK.

I got a Diclofenac prescription the other day- (having given Naproxen a go - It isn't as good a pain killer in my opinion, and I am well aware of the risks- so my GP was fine to prescribe it to me. ) He knows I have looked in to it, and tried the alternative. I don't use it that often, and I have Naproxen too should the pains be not quite so strong.

My prescription Diclofenac is 50mg tablets.

~The strongest of the over the counter version is 25mg per tablet as Voltarol pain-eze

voltarol.co.uk/products/tak... and is available at most chemists and many supermarkets too.

There are significant extra risks with diclofenac which is why GPs are encourged to switch women (and men) over to Naproxen, but if you do your own research, are aware of the risks and differences between the two products and you are willing to take that risk, then you need to ask your GP to switch you back to

Diclofenac. There couldbe something in yourown medical history and records that puts you at an even greater risk than an average user, in which case your GP should explain the specifics of why they are refusing to renew your prescription. It is definitely not banned in the UK.


Thank you impatient. I think about the risk twice and see how I feel with Naproxen.

Oh Yes Diclofenac is Voltarol, isn't it?

Take care



I've had a lap three weeks ago and I'm on diclifenic. My gp gave it to me no problem so don't think it's banned. I'm in Manchester x


Thanks. I am going to the hospital for my lap now. I will ask for it just in case I can't cope with Naproxen. How are you getting on?



At home in bed recovering :) good luck today :) x x x x x x


I was prescribed Diclofenac about 4 months ago as i told my doctor codeine, naproxen and ibuprofen weren't working, so he prescribed me this. When you leave the hospital I'm sure they'll give you oramorph or something anyway as this was what i was prescribed, even though i forgot totell them i had the diclofenac at home.

Emma Xx


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