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Hello <everyone,i have just beem diagnosed with Endo of the rectus sheath .Have been in agony for 4.5 years,have been on a journey of pain since my c-section .have been told that it was all in my head,have been put on painkillers that has left me a dribbling,doped up mess.Through persistence and self=belief i went for a second opinion and fought to get the Cat Scan,the MRI..FINALLY they found a 5cm nodule attached to the abdomen wrong.....

Girls i need advice,ive been reading up n the normal route is to be put on hormone treatment which terrifies me (i opted for a sterilization 2 years ago)..

Is there ANYONE out there who has gone through what i have..would really appreciate some advice on my best options

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Hormone treatment as in GnRH drugs is entirely voluntary - don't have it if you don't want it. It is just a delaying tactic because waiting lists are so long.

If you can cope with suitable strength pain killers till you get surgery then do that.

Besides that it is not normally needed for what we call scar endo, or transplanted endo.

Where you don't necessarily have naturally acquired endometiosis, but a cell or two has somehow got caught up the the C-section scar and trapped there and every month since then had bled its own little period trapping the blood in there and forming a mass. That is what yours sounds like from the location of it.

It is usually a straight forward excision of the endo mass in the scar. And if there is no further endo located elsewhere and there is no reason to suspect that there would be, then that's it, no further follow up treatments required. Just look after the wound to avoid infections till it is healed up.

Though the cells will probably be endometriosis the behaviour of the endo is not typical and actually behaves much closer to what someone with adenomyosis will experience. Because the endo cells are trapped there is much less chance of it spreading anywhere beyond its immediate location and removing the entire thing is going to rid you of that endo.

In that sense it is curable endo for most cases. Use the search box on the green bar and type in scar endo or C-section endo. There have been lost of discussions previously as it quite common with C-sections.


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