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Surgery or not? Help!

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Hi all,

I had my appt yesterday with the fertility doctor, after various different test for both me and my husband. Results for husband wasn’t great, for me. I have 2 endometriomas one on each ovary. One 2cm and one just under 3cm I have had these over a year now, had a scan last month, both have stayed the same size for over 8 months now, I had HSG two weeks ago, tubes are open... blood test show I am ovulating... so she said as my cyst are small and haven’t grown in over 8 months it is up to me if I want surgery or not. I’m so confused and I don’t know what to do if to go ahead with surgery or not. Any advice ladies xx

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Hi chloeloveridgr0918

I have stage 4 endo and had 2 operations since 2016. It did work to help reduce pain and was hoping for another baby but back again and pain has returned. I have read that surgery can work for lots of people to help with fertility and there is also clomid that helps with ovulation but can make symptoms worse. A couple of people I know who had surgery and took clomid did conceive quite quickly. Hope it works out for you x

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Hey. Thanks for replying. Touch wood at the moment I don’t suffer with much pain, only first day of my period. I am going to have another scan in 6 months, if things change I may opt for surgery xx

Go go go!! The risks are minimal. I left it and mine grew and I became illegable 😔

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Thank you for replying. I don’t want to rush into any decision, my cysts haven’t grown for over 8 months. Both remaining the same size throughout 2 scans over a period of time. I am going to see the results of my next scan May 2019 and take it from there x

I would say it depends on whether you're going to continue to try naturally for a while or are heading for fertility treatment. I'd also factor in any pain you may have.

I've had 2 surgeries for endometriosis and on both occasions had big endometriomas removed (the biggest was 10cm). Both my gyne and fertility consultants recommended they were removed before starting IVF as the drugs can make things worse or can prevent a good response in terms of eggs. I was also in complete agony which was certainly a motivating factor.

After my first cycle I developed 2 more small endometriomas - 1 in each ovary, but they were small enough to be left alone (about 1.5cm each). My second cycle was successful, despite the endometriomas and I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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Thank you for replying. Fertility treatment isn’t an option at present, Hubbie smokes, but is in the process of giving up. He has to be smoke free for 6 months, also there are issues with his sperm that come into play, only 1% morphology and 12 million count. So for the next 6 months we will be trying naturally. She said she wouldn’t be surprised if I called to say I was pregnant. At the moment I’m thinking To see if they have grown any bigger in my scan in May 2019 and take it from there by then hubbie will be smoke free too xx

Hi sorry to hear of your problems. I also have stage 4 endo.

I would also suggest going for the surgery as any endo can create an inhospitable environment for conception I believe.

I would discuss the risks with your dr but an expert surgeon should be able to remove with minimal impact on fertility.

Good luck xxx

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Thank you x

Hey hun

Has your doctor given u any medication?? If she/he has then try that for a month or 2 if not then i feel its best you go ahead with surgery

Wish u all the best xx

Hey! Doctor has not given me any medication. She mentioned medication to stimulate my ovaries to make sure they are ovulating but it wouldn’t be fair as my husband has sperm problems. Only 1% morphology, so IVF is not an option until he is 6 months smoke free... she also noticed a blood test which was taken in April that shows I have an under active thyroid but I wasn’t made aware about this by my gp. I have another scan booked for May 2019 to see if the cysts have gotten bigger. X

Sorry to ask but do u have PCOS?

Coz if u do then i'm sure shes given u some sort of medicine

Reguarding ovulation even i was having problem with that thats why she put me on metformin and shes given and my husband insumax vitamin tablets to drink....hope your next scan goes well x

Has she given any med to your husband?

I don’t have PCOS, she said my blood tests show I am ovulating, she said she can give me some medication or injections, she said but it wouldn’t be right giving me different medication when it’s the sperm that’s the problem, she hasn’t given him anything. Just said number 1 priority is to stop smoking. He’s already on vitamins. But I may ring the fert nurses and speak with them x

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