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Endometriomas- help!

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Any advice for the horrific pain of Endometriomas? Just found out I have one in my ovary, and was hoping to get pregnant. I feel like my body has failed me a bit.

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Try a heatpad

I had them too. I had surgery at the start of this month to remove them, to help with fertility and before I had surgery heatpads were my best friend, I found them so soothing, that’s the only thing that really helped me & when I was in a lot of pain I took codine.

Hope the pain eases for you. X

Hello there, I have endometriosis and had an operation last October. I had my first round of IVF in Feb that was unsuccessful and was due to have my second round, but this has been delayed due to covid. Hoping to have this by the end of this year.

In the meantime, I have reduced dairy to the point where I almost don't have any, lowered my carb in take, cut out wheat and caffeine and drink red wine moderately.

I have been having acupuncture and doing yoga once a week. I try to go for a long hilly walk every weekend.

Since I have adapted to this life style, I have found that my pain has reduced by 80% which is incredible. Before when I was in pain, I would take coedine, have a hot water bottle or use heat pads and do some yoga online that is suitable for women that are menstruating.

I hope this helps x

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Roberta1980 in reply to Ljayne

Thank you so much for your message. That’s very helpful and I really appreciate it x

Hiya sorry to hear you’re in pain and suffering mentally too.

You don’t say how old you are or how large the endometrioma is, but if you search in this forum you’ll see lots of stories about how women with endometriomas have got pregnant. Some naturally, others with IVF - don’t lose hope.

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Roberta1980 in reply to Moonglo

Hello, I’ve just turned 40 and it’s 3.5cm, they confirmed yesterday x

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Moonglo in reply to Roberta1980

I was 37 when I went for IVF with an endometrioma approx 2cm. The odds were against me as I only have 1 ovary, and I didn’t get pregnant. The point is they went ahead with the treatment.

At 3.5cm your cyst is at a size where they might suggest removing it, but this would ultimately be your decision. To consider:

Your age - the odds of getting pregnant naturally or via IVF are not as good as a younger person’s.

You’d need some weeks to recover from the op before trying to get pregnant/IVF.

They also need to be very careful removing the cyst as adhesions may occur, making getting pregnant more difficult.

The cyst might grow back, however you’d be getting regular scans during any IVF treatment, and if you get pregnant with or without that treatment.

If left, the cyst may also interfere with the hormones used in IVF.

Nothing’s ever easy with this disease! Best of luck xx

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Roberta1980 in reply to Moonglo

Thank you for sharing your story, honesty and keeping it real with me. Much appreciated x

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Moonglo in reply to Roberta1980

You’re welcome xx

To discuss with doctor to take dienogest 2mg medicine which helps to reduce endometriomas.

I have advanced invasive endometriosis and a small endometrioma 3cm.

Never was excised as there could be a risk of removing healthy ovarian tissue

Since I went on a specific diet and I removed gluten, corn and other food j was intolerant to, my agonising pains are gone

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