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Worried :(

Hi ladies, I am looking for some advice. I had a laparoscopy last September where they found my bowel was stuck to my stomach wall and I have the early stages of Endo. Since my laparoscopy they have put me on qlaira. I haven't bled once and even after having a break from the pill I haven't bled. I'm quite worried and can't get an appointment to talk to my dr for 3 weeks when I get the coil fitted. Just wondered if anyone out there experiences the same thing. I know most girls are grateful not to bleed but I'm still in pain and worried for my fertility xx

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Hi there

I had the same thing when I was on the pill loads of pain and no bleeding couldn't stand it felt all I needed was a big bleed which is ridiculous I know but thought i was going to burst!you could try going to your gp and swapping pills .hope all settles for you


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