Endo and bloating/ swelling tummy - any helpful tips?

Hey one of the main symptoms of my endo is constant bloating and a swollen tummy. I tend to suffer quite a lot from constipation with my endo as it has affected my pelvic floor muscles, which therefore don't always relax for a bowel movement and I can often get trouble with complete evacuation too. I always thought this was the main reason for my bloating but even when I feel relatively empty or eat well my bloating and swelling never really seems to ease. I have it mainly from breakfast to bedtime, the only time it isn't really there is when I wake up in the morning before I eat and that is only if I am not that constipated either. I am only 2 weeks from my first laparoscopy and haven't properly started the endo diet yet, but was on low fodmap diet at the start of the year when they thought I just had IBS and that seems to cut the same sorts of things from your menu as the endo diet but my symptoms never really changed back then. However that was also before I was diagnosed and being treated for endo. I have tried probiotics and I don't eat bread, pastry, pasta etc and am lacto free at the moment too as it is but nothing has helped so far. Does anyone have this same issue or is there any advice for easing it at all? I never seem to be able to wear jeans or certain trousers and I always feel pregnant!

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  • Hi :) I have the same issue and I always feel embarrassed putting on clothing that clings to me too much incase people think I'm pregnant and I genuinely don't like looking at myself in the mirror either. I have constant bloating, I have found that taking regular baths helps release some wind. Don't have it too hot and try to relax, you may find during or after you release some of that compressed air and feel at least a little bit more comfortable. Hope you start feeling better soon xx

  • Hey thanks so much I have never thought of baths before so I will give them a try. I hate looking in the mirror too and feel self conscious all the time - let alone jeans I don't think I could ever touch a bodycon dress xx

  • I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo mainly in the bowel area at 22 and am now 39. I have suffered with terrible bloating also. The only solution I have ever found is to cut out bread though having said that I can get away with 2 small brown slices of bread a day. I have been tested for wheat and glutten problems but both were fine. Its worth a try worked for me. Cut out all bread for a week see if it helps. X

  • Thanks will give that a go too x

  • Hi


    I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago they are supposed to really help your pelvic floor by aligning your pelvis in the correct position for a number 2!! so less pressure etc. They come in different heights depending on your loo size! If you watch the video on the second link it explains how it's supposed to help!



    Might be worth a go?

    Take Care xx

  • Ah yes my doc recommended squatting but I have been struggling with a pile of yellow pages at the moment so think I will definitely upgrade to one of these. Thanks so much for this I definitely think it will help xx

  • You are welcome! :)

    Squatty Potty.... the name makes me cringe / chuckle. ;) You can get wooden ones etc. too but I think they would stand out like a sore thumb! xx

  • Haha yeh and plastic ones are probably lighter and easier to clean too! xx

  • Hi, my endo experience is similar to marzy...

    I defiantly would agree with her on avoiding carbs as this has helped me and recently I've tried green tea from the endo diet, I think this also helps with digestion! Hey, any things worth a go, right? Good luck x

  • I would never have thought of green tea thanks. I recently ordered the endo diet book so am going to start with that when it arrives. I always thought I was intolerent to something at first but as soon as I eat some sort of carb the bloating always gets even worse than normal - this includes pasta, pizza, bread, rolls and cakes. Does anyone know why these sorts of foods affect endo sufferers by the way? Xx

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