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Endo and the menopause

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Hi all, I'm 47, have stage 4 endo on bowel and uterus and have struggled through since my late 30s when I developed it after having kids, (I have a theory it was due to a c-section ) . I've only one lap and never really found a good consultant in london. I wondered if anyone can tell me what happens when the menopause starts to happen, does the pain and bloating and suffering reduce? How does it I react with symptoms of menopause like hot flushes, mood swings and all the rest? I'd really like to hear people's experiences. Giovanna

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Hi! Gio73,

I will tell you my story but we are all different. Diagnosed with Endo in my 30's, on ovaries, bowel, liver. The meds I was on kept it under control. Had the menopause at 58, yes my GP could not believe it either.

Couple of years before periods got irregular then stopped. I had no hot flushes, moods swings etc. I do have confirmed IBS-d and when I have an attack get pain on the ascending colon where some Endo scar tissue sits. I had some terrible times with Endo but when the menopause came it was like starting a new life. Good luck and hope you have an easy menopause.

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Maddie2013 in reply to Linley

Hi Linley

that’s really cheered me up, I’m 59 and still waiting for my menopause there have been some signs, so when it does come hopefully I will feel better like you 😊

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Linley in reply to Maddie2013

Fingers crossed 🤞

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Gio73 in reply to Linley

Hi Linley, that's reassuring to hear, 58 is quite late to go into the menopause right? What meds did you use? I also have IBS related symptoms and lots of bowel pain, my pouch of Douglas is full of scar tissue. Can I ask please for you to be more specific as in - how did the menpause help reduce the pain etc? That would be so helpful. Best Gio

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Linley in reply to Gio73

Yes, 58 is on the late side.

Perimenopause med. was Mefenamic acid for my pain, it was my saviour.

Hope this is not to simplicitic an answer but during the Perimenopause I felt my muscles were not contracting so rigously probably because of hormone flutulations, so felt less painful. This was me but as you are aware we are all different. Fingers crossed🤞for you.

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Gio73 in reply to Linley

Oh thanks for letting me know. Interesting. My periods are getting more sporadic but not sure how the endo will interact with the menopause symptoms. I guess I'll find out. Have never gone for strong meds or surgery as think it's a bit of a minefield, so I just tend to suffer through it. (Luckily I'm not in chronic pain, but at certain times of month it's miserable.) Gio

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