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Help! Back pain

I have been gettin really bad lower back pain for the last few months, I've just noticed a pattern where it always occurs towards the end of my pill packet and start the next it is excruciating and spreads from lower back to pelvis and just feels like constant pressure!! Could this be endo and if so how do I get my gp to listen as I hav mentioned it could be before to her and she didn't take me seriously!!!!

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Hi Cazz85,

Yes, I have Endometriosis and a lot of the pain I receive is in my lower back.

What other symptoms are you getting?



I also get really bad lower back pain and I have endometriosis


The pain in my lower back spreads to my hips and pelvis, I also get extremely tired all the time in on the pill constantly but sometimes get small amount of bleeding!! I've mentioned all of this to my gp though and they don't take me seriously just say see how u go!!! I've not seen gynea since my diagnosis about 6 years ago!!


I'm new to this sight but figured after having every known form in the endometriosis family I should check out the rest of us who are going through this. But but for you, have you heard of Adenomyosis? It is when the endo tissue exists within and grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. Your symptoms correlate, one significant difference from endo is the size that the uterus can become. Tender with pressure on pelvis area but the size of pelvic area doesn't go down, only gets bigger as the uterus takes on more endo tissue. My uterus is now 3 times the normal size and the only cure is a hystorectomy. I had laproscopy, DNC and hysteroscopy for polyp removal in uterus, abdominal wall nodule removal with muscle incision last week. You may want to look into that, pain can be more on then off with it, not just with menstrual cycle. Good luck!


I've never heard of this I didn't even realise that lower back pain was a symptom of endo until I joined here even though I have been to my gp and asked if it could be as the pain spreads to my pelvis but they just kept fobbing me off so it's good to know that I'm not imagining it!!!


Yep I'm with you on that one my lower back pain is now constant but I have endo on my ureter and now have blood and protein in my urine I'm awaiting a kidney and bladder scan on Thursday as it may be that causing rediculas lower and mid back pain ! X


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