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Back pain

Hi, just wondering if anyone suffers with lower back pain when they aren't having a period. For the past few weeks my back is in agony, I wake up and its aching and the more I walk around or do something the more it aches. Heat seems to make it better but it literally feels like I've been carrying something on my back all day. I thought it was sitting in my chair in the office but now it seems to be when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed and it seems to be getting worse.


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Hi Hun sorry to hear about your back, I'm the same done days are better than others but it's a constant same nagging lower back/ buttock pain. Only heat helps or the bath. It's even worse if I get cold in it too? Where have you got endo xx


I haven't been diagnosed yet. Currently being referred to the gynecologist and that was a battle and a half to get my GP to do that. I've had a pelvic scan but that didn't show anything and my GP believes I have endo symptoms but she doesn't believe I can have endo because I've been on the pill for 12 years. Yeah I keep leaning against the radiator at work as I haven't got my microwavable wheat bag with me :(

Where is your endo?

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I haven't been diagnosed either yet I'm under a specialist centre, first option was to try the coil did that terrible side effects had it out, just had a scan today pelvic and vaginal came back ok... Feel like screaming X


I always have lower back pain, today it is horrendous!!

Had a hot bath this morning which helped, this afternoon I could cry!! Currently have a hot water bottle behind me, hurts so much!! Even having a body full of pain killers isn't helping!!! 😩


Hi.. I know your pain !!! I'm exactly the same - have severe endo that is all over pelvis. Previously had it diathermised from POD, interosacral ligaments, ovarian fossa, left ovary, PV fold, bladder and uterus... Had adhesions removed from sigmoid Colon, large bowel, small bowel. Also got fibrosis and scarring around left ureter.

Just had MRI results to say endo is all over pelvis again and that I have large nodules on interosacral ligaments, my ovaries are tethered to my uterus and i have adenomyosis as well!

My back pain has gradually become excrutiating over the last 6 months. I constantly feel like someone has hit me around the back of my pelvis/low back with a shovel.....the pain goes up around my kidneys and under my ribs when I'm menstruating. Pain regularly now goes into one or both hips.... Feels like a huge needle has been pushed through from back of my hip to just inside the front of my hip - I can hardly walk when it's bad. On cocodamol at mo with naproxen - takes the edge off - but not full relief :(

Heat helps as well - but it's really wearing me down ...

Seeing my specialist on 1st Feb... So hopefully I can sort a date for surgery sooner, rather than later.

Hope you find some pain relief soon X

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I haven't been diagnosed.. I have acst on ovary... But I swear the ovary pain goes straight to my back and legs, groin, pelvis and other ovary. I get lower back pains a lot. I can't sit for too long or be on my feet for long. I get my partner to punch my lower back until I cant feel the pain anymore lol. Instead I've got a diff easier pain to focus on. It works for me more than paracetamol lol


u may have a mild.spell of sciatica. so to have a.ultra sound done hun. I am endom stage 4 and have all those syptoms. and when u have a period I am in that much pain I try. to.sleep it off


Hi missm87,

I suffer with terrible back pain which is awful the days/week leading up to my period! But not helped either by the fact I had to have a epidural when I had my daughter as nearly needed a c section so suffered with my back ever since then too! I hope you get refered for a laprascopy soon and then you can go from there :) keep strong it's a long wait I know if only they took us all more seriously!! X


Hi, thanks everyone for replying.

Has anyone ever had pain where its sore to touch your back. My partner touched my back the other night and it felt bruised from under my ribs to my kidneys, I was so convinced it was bruised that i made him check for bruises but there was nothing there.

My period is finally over yay! However it has really worn me out, all I've done this weekend is sleep. I really felt like I had no choice though as I've had no energy :(

I am now just waiting for the letter to come from the hospital to arrange an appointment with the gynecologist. However I've just read a post on here which has terrified me, how their doctors are saying the pain etc is in their heads and that their symptoms are psychological. I suffer from OCD and I'm so worried that it would be an easy fix for them to blame my symptoms on that.


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