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Hip & Back Pain


I have stage 4 Endometriosis and was diagnosed in Australia back in 2006. Since then I have had various operations and drugs. Since I moved back to the UK 2 years ago I have just been managing my pain which has been tolerable. But recently things have started to flare up again - thought it was all a bit too good to be true!! My pain issue is my lower back and my left hip, which is a nightmare. I can't even really sleep on that side anymore as it hurts too much, it sometimes feels numb and I get a lot of pins and needles too. The pain also radiates down my legs. Now, I don't know for sure this is my endo, even though I suspect it is as I was told just before I left Australia I had another cyst on my left ovary. But since being back in the UK I've had an internal ultrasound and they said it wasn't there. I'm at my wits end to be honest. I take the contraceptive pill continuously to avoid having a period and I also take 100mgs slow release Tramadol daily.

Any advice would be great.

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Hello, I’m also a lady who had endo removed and suffer with my left hip still. Iv been told that little bits of endo can grow on the nerve in your hip, and can cause hip ache, achy legs etc... I sound a lot like you I struggle to even lye on that side at times!! Apparently there’s not a lot you can do about it surgery wise but iv started physio and I must say it’s made a lot of difference... yes it still plays up and no it’s not gone but it does feel easier and I am able to sleep on it a lot more!! Also things like yoga that strengthen your core muscle apparently help as it stops any strain on your hips! Hope that’s a little bit helpful, I would def seek some medical advise incase it’s come back!! Hope you get the answers your looking for, and feel a bit better soon xxx

EmzLou in reply to Emurse

Thanks for that xxx

hi. What does the pain in your hip feel like? I could only describe mine as if someone was screwing something into my bone. It was a constant pain and when I had an op to have cysts removed they found I had a full frozen pelvis, literally overnight the back pain and hip pain went. It sometimes niggles but it's nearly always after a long dog walk so probably over doing it 🙉.

hope you can get to see someone who can help. Xx

RR21 in reply to Tillyfloss

Screwing into the bone is the perfect description!

EmmaLou75 in reply to Tillyfloss

Yeah that is a good description. It kinda burns when I lie on that side for too long. My lower back is just friggin constant too. I’m constantly changing my sleeping position because nothing is comfortable and so I don’t sleep so well. Just kinda over it to be honest! I’m glad u managed to get relief from the majority of your pain.

Tillyfloss in reply to EmmaLou75

has anyone suggested taking amittiptyline? I found 10 mg daily helped with the pain and it made me tired so I got more sleep. I stayed with the low dose but the bsge specialist said I could take up to 30 mg for it. Can be taken along with tramadol as I was on that to. Xx

hahaha I'm glad you relate I sometimes think I'm loosing the plot with the disease!!

hope you're having a pain free day. Xx

Alarna in reply to Tillyfloss

I feel agitated most day and also feel like I'm going mad with this endos and iv only just found out but got a feeling had it for years

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