Surgery & injections .. Fertility?

I just got back from an appointment with my gyne who has now said they want to do a Lapo and see how bad the endo is, and take some of it away - and then possibly have some injections after it like a menopause ? I didn't really have time to take it all in at my appointment but I was wondering how this would affect my fertility? As I'm only 22 has anyone had these injections and then gone on to have a baby?

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  • Ye Hun people have these injections and go on to have a baby, I've not my self as I've just started the injections for 3rd time and going to be on them till I decide to have children as Im 28,

  • I'll be 35 in November and was just diagnosed last week. The doctor removed as much as he could (I have stage 4) and I should start the Lupron shots for 4 months in a couple of weeks. He's hoping it will help, but you never know. It's worth a try though.

  • Hi yes I had the same treatment my endo on both ovaries so was told might not have children just found out im pregnant fingers crossed. The injection will help settle the endo & reduce your risk of having fertility issues. After the injection I had mirena coil for 5 years that mustve helped keep everything at bay. The injection effectively gives you a menopause so you get the flushes etc I never had any bother after my ovaries kicked back in fine. Talk to your doc to be sure & good luck

  • Thank you for your replies ! I had the marina coil fitted earlier this year and it's not helped me :( I'm going to have the op in 6-8 weeks and find out more then.

    I'm just a bit worried at the thought of these injections and menopause like symptoms as I'm only 22 surly it can't be good for your body ? And my doctor said if goes as soon as you stop having the injections ? How long / often do you have them (I was so overwhelmed the other day at my docs I didn't ask much) congratulations on your baby :) xx

  • The injections I had were Zoladex one a month in my tum I took evening primrose & starflower oil supplements to help with the flushes. The benefits outweigh the side effects I had the coil after surgery & it was ok. I still had periods though but they weren't as bad, for pain control I used a little magnet thingy called MN8 google it it's really good drug free & surprising but if you wear it constantly it really helps it just goes against your skin in your pants takes a day or two to start but after then it's great for pain relief.

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