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Injections and HRT


I paid to see a gynaecologist yesterday to hopefully speed up the NHS process alittle considering the pressure they are under. I thought that might give me all the information to take to my NHS appointment.

It turned out the consultant I saw was one I had seen before via the NHS. He was fab and suggested some injections that stop my ovaries working (?) along with HRT... We are trying these for 3 months andnif the pain and heavy periods are helped then it will help him know what to do next. I have already had 2 laps so he wanted to avoid another.

However, I didnt ask him the name of the injections or if they have side effects. Was wondering if anyone could help with that? It was hard to take all the info in yesterday.

Thank you All ♥️

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I'm on prostap injections, they shut your ovaries down and put you into a temp menopause. I'm having them monthly and just had my third one. I'm taking HRT to help with any menopause side effects.....Tablet and a gel. I think the other injection is called Zoladex. take care xx

Thank you! This sounds just like what he described. How are you finding it? X

This is the second time I've been on these injections, last time I didn't have HRT to help with side effects and things were horrid, flushes, night sweats, joint pain, anxiety, but it did help with endo symptoms by the second month and stopped periods which was heaven. This time with the HRT I've had no menopause side effects which is good but it put my endo on overdrive and things are only just beginning to calm down now. Have you been given a date to start them?..... The nurse should give you all the details about side effects etc


I haven't... Waiting game again to get a referral I think. I will be sure to go armed with a notebook of questions :-) thank you for your help

No problemI hope your not waiting too long and it helps with your symptoms.

I list of questions is always a good idea, your brain goes blank when you walk in the room!!!

Have a happy day 🙂

So interesting to read that you went private, if you don’t mind me asking where abouts are you and how much did it cost I’ve been waiting 2 years nearly xx

The consultation was £175 and it was at Nuffiled Health Derby.Hope that helps. It was worth it because I at least have a way forward.


Thanks I rang the doctors again today to try and get them to chase my Gynaecology referral as I’m in absolute agony hopefully I hear something soon x

Have they given you any pain medication in the meantime?So horrible being in so much pain... Most GPS dont seem to take it seriously

30mg codine and metaferic acid neither helps I have tried cutting out gluten and dairy etc it hasn’t helped Xx

I found both naproxin or tramadol worked really well for my pain, they did make me very tired though but could be worth asking the gp if you can try them in the meantime 😔

Thanks I know about those but I’m unable to take them I’m not the easiest patient because I have epilepsy so can’t have any hormone treatment or the pill xx

Oh no. Sorry I couldn't help. Sending lots of positive vibes and prayers that you get your referral soon! Xx

Thanks they never know what to do with me xx

JAM4 in reply to Prettythings1

Hi, I agree that Tramadol can't be taken, but there is no reason you can't have Naproxin, I really find it helped. I really hope that you get some help soon. I ended up going privately but I'm lucky enough to get cover with my work. The team at the private endometriosis clinic have been so supportive. It was so nice to be finally listened to and helped!

Hi great news for you☺️ I’ve been on zoladex for 6 months and Hrt side effects were uncomfortable for me at first but seemed to of settled, I’m due to have a hysterectomy next week after 3 surgeries for all my problems.

Did he discuss what your option are moving forward?

I’m so much better than I was before my injections not pain free but better.

Any questions feel free to ask Xx

He said try the injection monthly for 3 months and if it helps the pain and irregular periods then he knows removal of my oviaries will be beneficial. I am willing to try that to tick all the boxes I need to before they will give me surgery. I have had differing opinions on what is wrong, one scan says fibriods, another endo and then I see someone else and they disagree. Hopefully I will only see this consultant now.Thank you so much for your reply! How do you feel about a hysterectomy and how long did the side effects take to settle? Maybe when I next see him I just say lets cut out the middle man and got straight for a hysterectomy as that feels like the path I am on anyway xx

Morning I would say it’s up to you but give them a go as this was the only next option for me at the time and needed to be on them to see how my body was with it all and Hrt as I’m 27 so every option has been tried now.

It might sound odd but I’m looking forward to having it done me and my consultant have discussed this was always an option as I don’t want children and with me having adeno and endo it’s a cure for the adeno but will help pain wise up to 90% he said so for me it’s the right thing to do.

Side effects I struggled with for about 2 months then they settled I had hot flushes at night and headaches but they settled down xx

It is really helpful to hear this from someone who's 27, I am only 32 and have been told for years I am too young to have it done and keep going as I am 😔 I hope now I finally have a good consultant and knowing what others are doing really helps xx

Glad it helps I have a good consultant who diagnosed me with it all so he understands how I am with pain etc, I’ve had bad experiences on the nhs with Dr from gyne so try and get a good one who understands you☺️

At the end of the day it’s our choice and if we have a medical condition that’s impacting our lives then we should have a say... keep me posted on how you are xx

That is good to hear you have someone now who understands. I emailed at the end of last week and said that my bleeding still hasnt stopped and its been 6 weeks now so I feel a hysterectomy is the way to go and what can we do to progress that option further. I have asked my GP to update my notes/referral to say the same. So I guess it is just a waiting game again. On the plus side when I am bleeding the pain seems to lessen! Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long. I am booked in for a blood test next week and as awful as it sounds I hope it comes back positive for having anemia etc as that might help my case to get this done? Xx

Great to hear your pushing them as that’s what they need 🤣🤞 yes let’s hope so it all goes towards what you have and haven’t tried as my consultant had more to back up my op to say we’ve tried everything.

So glad I’ve had my hysterectomy done yesterday now it’s a massive relief hope you can get discussions in place ASAP with them Xx

How are you feeling now post op? Xx

Hi I’m feeling great thank you ☺️ no pain so that’s good how are you? Xx

Thats great news!!!Terrible at the moment....have 'spotting bleeds' for weeks which my gyne wont class as a proper cycle so until then he wont start the injections....feels like even more delays. But heyho, we carry on dont we


Sorry to hear your spotting how annoying 🤞 it won’t be long until you can start them and yes we have to carry on X

I’ve just had my 4th zoladex injection and it’s changed my life dramatically, I feel like a different person. Just a shame I can’t have these injections forever. I take HRT with them so haven’t had any nasty side effects either.

So glad to hear its been positive! Did they tell you how long they would allow you to be on them for? X

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