Been to see my specialist and he has put me on one monthly injections before i have a hysterectomy. all depending on how i get on for the next six months with these injections if all good i will be have a full hysterectomy... I have stage 4 endo and is attached to my bowel I also have chocolate cysts on my left ovarie that gives me alot of cronic pain has any one else been thro this.

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  • Yes Hun. Been on Zoladex for six months which have helped. Having hysterectomy, ovary removal and excision on Thursday. I have a 11cm endometrioma on/in my left ovary , right ovary and tube are badly effected and bowel stuck to uterus. So yes I know exactly what you're going through, you're not alone. If you need anything let me know.

  • Hi hun hope your ok .... how do you feel about your op so close I didn't realise it was this week. I haven't been on here for awhile. from taken your injections to your last one how long was it before your date of your op I am hoping once I fin my six month course and seeing my specalist it won't be to long after for my op I am hopefully having a full hysterectomy if of course these injections work fine... plus side no more periods for us x

  • Hi Hun getting nervous. Had a bad wobble yesterday so decided not to go to work. I think it finally hit me that this is it. I had my last injection on 27th January. Was initially told my op would be January but because he's such a good surgeon his waiting list was so long. Got date back in December I think it was. I think the injections are starting to wear off though as I've been in more pain the last couple of days. I'd actually forgotten what it was like before, and I didn't realise what a difference the Zoladex had made.not looking forward to having to be in hospital for three days and being separated from my husband. We've only spent one night apart since we got together and that was the night before our wedding. I hope the injections give you some relief. I would recommend you take evening primrose oil and sage leaf tablets , one of each twice a day for the hot flushes they really help. Take Hun let me know if you need anything.

  • Good luck for tomorrow. X

  • Thanks Hun.

  • omg yea bet your nervous... my surgeon I seen is over the water in the wirral area don't think where allowed to say on here what hospital and surgeon name but he's one of the best of 10 in the UK Mr R. He's so good. I read about the injections putting weight on you and you lose your see drive etc I do hope this pain keeps away I do feel it working tho.... I hope everything goes to plan for you hun I was told I am only staying in for one night as there gonna do robotic keyhole surgery with me. keep in touch Huni and wish you the best speedy recovery ever take care and if you need anything just say xxxx

  • Thank you Hun. I actually lost weight lol. Didn't really have an impact on sex drive as sex has been so painful anyway. Hoping that will change after op. Will let you know how I'm doing when I get home. Take care Hun.keep in touch.

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