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I need some answers pls - I am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy - I am on my 5th injection which I am having from my Gyni to shut everything down before my operation it starts of your menapause - I was feeling ok on them but now I am hating everyone, the world, crying - tired, I think I will stop them - is anyone else on these injections? And does anyone know how long it will take if I don't have he next one to come out of my system I just want to feel me again 


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  • Hi Laura, are you having Zoladex injections and if so, how long is your course for? I am having a 6 month course and am due to have my 5th injection next week. If yours is only a 6 month course I would advise you to persevere if you can and if this is your only side effect and it is only this time around. I am unbearable to live with for at least a week after each of my injections. My hormones play havoc with me and I am snappy, irritable and tearful but it does pass.x

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    Thank you for your reply- I am not sure what mine are called I am so rubbish like that - I will ask the doctor tomorrow when they open. I do know that the injection that they are given me they give to me. That have prostrate cancer if that helps. mine are for 6 months but I think I may have to continue until my operation as I am on the waiting list... Are you having hysterectomy? Are you taking any remedies to help with the hormones and the hot sweats and do you feel better by being on them? 

    Thank you 


  • It does sound as though you could be having Zoladex injections aswell as I know that they are used for Prostate Cancer in men.  Initially after my diagnostic Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy last October, I was told that I could EITHER have hormone treatment or a hysterectomy. I have Stage 4 Endo, Adenomyosis and PCOS. My left fallopian tube is stuck to my pelvic wall and both tubes are riddled with Endo. I had already decided before the surgery that I wanted a hysterectomy if it was offered so opted for that. However, when I went back for my post op check in December the same consultant said that I had to have hormone treatment before having a hysterectomy :-( She said the waiting list was 6 months anyway, so after my 6 months of treatment I should be way up the list. But ive since heard that you have to wait 3 months after stopping treatment before having a hysterectomy. Im not sure if this is 100% correct as I cant remember who told me that. When I started the Zoladex she told me that if the side effects were too bad that add on HRT could be prescribed but this hasn't happened as I haven't seen her since! I have suffered with awful hot flushes (night and day) for a long time anyway but they have certainly increased since the treatment started.  Ive not found anything that helps to be honest, for any of the side effects, sorry. Im glad I have had the treatment as it stopped all bleeding, which for me was horrendous. I was having ovulation bleeds as well as periods, could bleed up to 4 times a month and would have flooding and large clots.  The consultant that did my surgery was not a BGSE registered Endo specialist and was therefore only able to remove 2 nodules during my Laparoscopy.  Due to the fact that my horrendous pain has gone from cyclical to constant and daily, I paid privately to see an Endo Specialist and he now wants to do a full excision before performing a hysterectomy.x

  • The side effects are horrendous - I am on the injections as I only have adenomyosis in my uterus this was by having an MRI that this showed up, it didn't show up when I had a laparoscopy I had a small area of endo but the Gyni removed it - I to am not with a specialist centre - my Gyni said that I had to have the injections before deciding if I was having a hysterectomy when I went back last month she said because the injections have helped ease my pain this has made her decide I need a full hysterectomy even my overies are to go, before the injections I would get serve pelvic pain and lower back pain I couldn't bend down I was like an invalid I couldn't do normal day to day activities. I just hope that when I have a hysterectomy the pain Will completely go and I will have a normal life- the injections have made me feel different I don't feel me anymore I use to be bubbly not I am moody, very tired, anxious, tearful hopefully this won't be forever and I will be me again.. Appreciate your replies it is always nice to know if anyone else experiences the same and your not alone I also feel that some days I don'tome people anyone.. Do you feel all of this. 

  • Im so glad that they will go ahead with your hysterectomy based on the results of your hormone treatment. Im dreading them saying that they wont do mine because it hasn't stopped the pain. Like you had I have chronic excruciating pain in my lower back, pelvis, hips and legs. I cant even wash dishes or cook a meal without using a perching stool now due to it and have had to take the past 8 weeks off from my full time job.  The fatigue is also a killer as you said. Probably the second worst symptom after the pain I would say.  The mood changes only last a few days for me after having the injection so I guess I am lucky in that respect, although I have been on medication for the past 8 years for depression anyway.  Im glad it has helped to speak to someone else who is suffering like you do. This is the reason I joined this group and many others on Facebook, because I feel that friends and family don't understand and I feel that I have to tell them Im ok when Im really not.  At least in these groups I can share all my feelings and experiences without fear of getting judged or misunderstood. They have been a real lifeline for me since my illnesses have progressed.  I don't know how old you are, but everyone I have spoken to has advised against removing the ovaries too young unless there is a specific reason for doing so? Happy to listen any time you need to off load or have a moan so feel free.x

  • I find starflower oil helps it's Like an herbal hrt hope,this helps x

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