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Surgery or injections?

I need advice from people who understand and going through simular.....

I have been offered two opitions, to have injection of prostap or zoladex monthy with hormone replacement tablets for 6 months or to have an laparoscopy. My gynaecoloist suggests that I try the injections because I recently had surgery, I wasn't to sure but agreed and she wrote a letter to gp, so I could get started. My gp called me into the practice to dicuss the injections snd explained the side effects, he knows my histroy and feels at my age(25) putting my body into early menopause could effect my depression. I am only 25 yrs old and me snd my hubsand are yet to start trying for children. This decision is really getting me down, I would grateful for your time and life experience on either. Many thanks.

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SURGERY SURGERY SURGERY first and foremost. The injections do not cure endo, only pause it and the side effects can be dreadful, and if you then have an op AFTER the hormones they might not see all your endo patches so easily.

Defintely surgery is the only way to have your endo removed for good. There might be too much to remove in one operation or some of it might be unsafe for that particular surgeon to tackle, but any offer to have endo surgically excised out of your body is the very best option every time. If you are already pre-disposed to depression you should not touch the hormone treatments anyway. If you are considering TTC then again, hormone treatments are not recommended if you are soon to try going down that route.

Having surgery and then after recovering from that and getting pregnant is the very best thing to do for endo if you can manage that. Chances of conceiving are much higher in the few months after a surgery, your pregnancy should be far less painful too as adhesions will have been cut back in surgery. and Pregnancy is the safer way to stop your endo growing.


Can't thank you enough for your respond.....I think I already made my mind up but needed to hear it. Thing that worries me about surgery is the scar tissue. As had surgery in dec for my apendix. I dont know much about scar tissue. But the side effect of injections sound horrible. I'm in pain enough physically and emotionally.Did you have surgery? (If you dont mind me asking)


Hi Helony,

I kinda feel I wish I had found this site earlier!

I am in a similar situation, I am 25 and have suffered depression. My consultant gave me two options, surgery or zoldex injections. After reading the symptoms I was unsure but have decided to op for the injections and had my first one a couple of weeks ago. When I weighed up the options I found after suffering 8 years in pain I thought that got me down more than the injection would, I know that if the pain was to just dull slightly I would feel better in myself. Hopefully it will work and I will know what to do next.. I look at it trying the injections first is better than having surgery and finding it doesn't help. The only side effect I have had so far is some slight hot flushes, looking on the bright side it's not so bad when its cold :)

I hope you make the right decision to suit you.



Hi Jen,

Thank you for your reply. :-) Its good to hear both sides of the treatment. Also to know I am not the 25 year with this condition. I feel my doctor knows me better then the gyne lady. Its still a big decision to make.

I hope the treatment works out well for you,




I totally agree with the above comments re excision surgery being the very best option. I rejected drug treatment as I would not see the point in something that was a short-term fix but which comes along with potential side effects. I am sensitive to drugs so I knew I would get the best of em (or should I say the worst of em)! I was not prepared to find out.

I had extensive stage 4 endo everywhere so and underwent 'total radical excision' comint up for 27 months ago notm al done keyhole, and it was the best thing I think I could have done. I have not had a twinge of endo since and no need for painkillers even at period time - which was never heard of for me before. Yes I know endo cannot be cured, but removing it gives you the best chance of a longer-term respite. He thinks mine was likely to have stemmed from an emergency caesarean op I had 18 years ago where cells from the uterus could have implanted in the peritoneum and developed over time so I am hoping that I will now remain relatively free. Fingers always crossed on that front.

Make sure you see a specialist endo surgeon rather than a 'general' gynae. Some obviously have chosen to specialise in endo but gps refer you to anyone with the title gynae so it is important to find out their specialism. Iam sure my first consultant specialised in hysterectomies which is why she told me it was my best hope!

All very best wishes x


Hi Stevie,

Thank you for your opition....and experience. The more I hear about surgery the more I think it would be better for me. I have been suffering from depression for tears then I got diagionsed with endo last year.

I may look into finding a endo specialist, as you suggested. But to be honset I want the surgery asap, so the quicker I can get it the better.

Hopefully eill be pain free soon.



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