Hi, I've been suffering with pain for over a year now and I got diagnosed with endo in March. Whenever I'm in pain my right leg goes numb. I had a laparoscopy at the start of May and the pain went away and so did the numbness, but now the pain and numbness are back and worse than ever! It's really getting me down and I'm so angry all the time and can't stop crying. I was wondering if the numbness is normal and if there was anything I could do to not feel down all the time.

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  • I have pain in my hips that shoots down my thighs, I can only describe it as a sciatic pain and I wonder whether this is similar to what you have. Whilst I don't have the numbness when the pain hits my ankles on a bad day it is not nice. Maybe looking into some sciatic massage treatments will help and discussing it with your doctor to see if there is anything they can offer in terms of pain relief, good luck x

  • That definatly sounds like something is aggravating the sciatic nerve! Have you considered seeing a osteopath or chiropractor to check you alignment in your spine? X

  • Yeah I'll definitely look into some sciatic massage treatments. No I've never considered seeing a osteopath or chiropractor but I'll definitely look into it thanks x

  • Have you discussed the possibility of additional endometrial growths with your gynaecologist? Maybe you could discuss with the gyne first and see what he thinks could be triggering the pain. Osteo sounds good, but check in with your gynaecologist too, perhaps first.

  • I'm going to see the specialist on Tuesday so I'll be talking to him about it and see what we can do. Hopefully he tell's me something useful!

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