Endo back after a month? Waiting to see the surgeon again

Hiya so I had a lap on the 30th dec and they found and removed endo. All the ligiments that hold up the uterus was covered in it and I also had a sticky scab type thing inside me which they also removed. Anyway my pain is back and it's realy bad again but this time it's also in my hips. My doctor was busy so I asked to see someone else. They sent me to see a lady and she felt my tummy. She touched it ad I busty into tears. She asked me if it was the same pain as last time or if it was a different type of pain maybe a healing type pain. I said it was the same as before the op and that it doesn't feel like a healing type pain. I'm bleeding on an off everyday so always har to have something there but tampons now really hurt. She said she is going to write to the surgeon to talk about the pain and maybe needing another operation. I'm still waiting for the letter tho. I'm taking my pain killers all the time and they don't help. I'm now getting pain down below because of going to the toilet so much has started causing pain. I've jus been given a full time job so don't want tome off but it's starting to make me so down that I don't want to leave my house. I started seeing someone and attempted to have sex because I wasn't bleeding but that caused it to start and it was so awkward we now don't talk. I take microgynon 30 (pill) and decided I will take a week off to see if that helps with te bleeding after. I really don't know what to do anymore tho I just wat to cry all the time. Did this happen to anyone else. I see people say they were told about a three month healing process but this wasn't said to me. Sorry it's so long I'm just so scared as I'm only 20

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  • Hi I understand what you are going through. I have been/am here 4 times now,,, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I don't care what the doctors say about healing pain and all that rubbish but you know how you feel and what you are feeling and what type of pain is what. Endo pain whether healing or not is always the same. What has no doubt happened the surgeon hasn't removed all of your endo and I personally have experienced when they do a lap they disturb the endo that is left behind and it gets all aggressive. I do believe the aggressiveness bit will calm down as time goes on but the endo pain is like nothing else. You know what it is without anyone else trying to convince you otherwise. I am so sick of all the majority of us having half a job lot done every time we go under. Why don't they just do a proper job on is in just one op. It's sickening and I get annoyed at so many of us suffering lap after lap we are no better off. If it were any other operation you have one done and that's that. Disheartening. I think you need to find another surgeon to do a better job on you. Don't waste time if he is incapable move on but do your research first and try and find a good one for your needs. X

  • Bad news in away is always good because it's more truthful than the doctors!! I'm going to ask to see someone else to get another opinion. I'm going to need another doctors appointment as I have now almost run out of pain killers. Today has been so awful I've had to take oramorph again! It really is disheartening knowing we are left in pain and they don't really seem to care because it's not them In pain. I will see him because that's who the doctor has referred me to again but if he doesn't give me an answer I like then I will ask to see someone else for a second opinion. Life seem so unfair at the moment beig so young and having to fight this battle. My family understand more now but I fins it hard talking to them about it all thank you for your help xxx

  • Hi try not to stress I had my op in Dec - any way like you about 3 wks after got most awful pains worrying it was back! Its only in last 2 weeks that these pains have stopped. The inside take a lot longer to heal and it depends what they did inside. I tried to be super woman first week I didn't get out of bed I kept thinking its only a lap - but its not really its the work they do inside. You have to listen to your body, it may be something as simple as an infection did GP do swabs? Or check your urine? I was on pill before op I still experienced pain when on pill I have gone for the coil now. Its quite traumatic having surgery for endo everyone is different. So don't put to much pressure on yourself I did made me worse and took longer to heal. Its such a big thing to deal with to at 20 I am 28 and have suffered since 11 so I kinda know how scary it is. Did you have adhesions that they worked on? As they are very painful to heal. Any cysts etc? I had 2 drained thats where my pain started after the op but touch wood as now settled I was on pain killers for about 5 weeks as I think I went back to work to soon x

  • I don't think I had anything else they needed to do. I'm off the seethe doctor in a bit because the bleeding in so bad now. The doctor said she thinks it's back or they didn't remove it all due to the pain ad also because of the lack of communication they had with me. I find to hard to get out of bed because the pain it's excatly the same which is why they thinks it's back rather than a healing pain xx

  • I would try to see an excision specialists, endo back after month is missed disease

  • What do you mean by this? I've never heard of it before x

  • Endometriosis when expertly excised does not recur, and in those 5-10% where it does, it does not come back in a month. If you have pain right away it is missed disease, the doctor either did not recognize it or left it intentionally because it was too complex for him or her, or because they did not think it was important or because they were not paid well enough to take the time to remove it all. Usually it is a matter of skill, they don't have it and do not know that they don't have it. On face book there are several groups who educate women about endo. The Endometriosis Research Center has a page that posts research regularly for women and Nancy's Nook, Endometriosis Discussion Education an Support

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