Fed up!! Can't stand all this pain

So recently posted on here as yet Im awaiting to see my gyn in months time I am currently on injections for medical menopause and it's been helping with my lower right sided pelvic pain as in reducing it to 2 days of pain a month from 2 days a month pain free. But tonight the lower pressure and pain I'm getting down below is unreal it's horrible...just wondered if anyone has had this and advice I get pelvic pressure pain a lot with all my symptoms but I feel like I'm bruised down below and everything is going to fall out 😢

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  • My sister. Total understand what you are coming from. I am experiencing the same pain on and off through out the day but it's on my left pelvic side. Where I also felt lumps , that u am not sure is normal.

  • And it hurts like crazy, like something is sitting on your ovary, oelvic and so much pressure to it. So yeah I can relate in a sense. Hope you get better.

  • Thank u.. Yeah it's awful my pain in my pelvis has eased the now... It's more right down below excuse me for saying ...even the tops of my legs r sore ...I'm sitting with hot water bottle between them what has my life came too

  • It's fine you do not have to excuse yourself. I totally get it. It's just scary manytimesfor me and I can understand how it feels for you as well. It's unbearable and seems like your life have to be on pause sometimes. It sucks I know.

  • Exactly it's a frustrating condition and takes over ur life and no one even if they r family or loved ones understand....unless u have it too. I think my own mind is fed up listen to itself sometimes

  • I feel exactly the same the same some days I feel as if somebody is pulling my insides out and and I have loads of pressure up there...... 😢😢😢 xxx

  • It's horrible it's a feeling u can't even describe.. Pain is pain but the pressure and the bruise feeling is awful. Resting isn't even taking it away 😢

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