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endometriosis and numbness / pins & needles in hands and feet

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Hi all,

I have had numbness and tingling in various ligaments, especially my fingers for several years and I always put this down to poor circulation and/or possible raynauds (not diagnosed. However, I was recently diagnosed with rectovaginal endometriosis and have been wondering if there could be a link. Does anyone else experience the same and know of there is a link or explanation?

Many thanks 🙏

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I also have rectovaginal endometriosis and also get the numbness and tingling.

I’m not sure if there is a link or if it’s a coincidence though.

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CCWildSwimmer in reply to Endowarrior1807

Thanks! I was low iron after my recent hysterectomy, so going to book to check this again. Might be worthwhile checking vitamin and iron levels with your gp also given below comments x

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Hello! I recently started experience this and put it down to some weird link to my endo but then went to my doctors and got a blood test and had B12 and iron deficiency which apparently can cause this. Since being on supplements, its calmed down! Probably worth a check if you're low on anything x

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CCWildSwimmer in reply to meg73

Thanks - I was low iron after my op but didn’t realise that those symptoms related to that… will ask to get vit b12 and iron levels checked again x

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Hi, I also had this and have moderate endo and had wondered the same. However I was found to have very low Vitamin D levels and after taking supplements the tingling improved dramatically.

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CCWildSwimmer in reply to L110

Thanks - I’m going to get my bloods done again to see if something is going on x

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Hello there. I’m in the middle of having an MRI and blood tests.

I have wondered as I waiting for an ADHD assessment too…..ADHD, EDS, Endo? I’m just hearing there’s some evidence and how valid, I haven’t fact checked it all out. Yet.

Hope I have not given anyone an existential crisis!!

Endo is The Bitch that just keeps on giving 🙄😳🫂💁🏻‍♀️💔

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CCWildSwimmer in reply to 635703

it’s rubbish, isn’t it!! I hope blood tests and MRI etc all go ok ❤️

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635703 in reply to CCWildSwimmer

having such a rough day and it’s rubbish and here’s to anyone else having a rubbish day

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TogetherWeAreStrongModerator in reply to 635703

Hi 635703 I am so sorry you're having a rough day and a rubbish one at that! I have been really bad with pain, bleeding and CCWildSwimmer the strange numbness and tingling this week. Today, I am doing okay...but still just dealing with it hour by hour. I have a frozen pizza for tea tonight and have picked out a film for later, that's helping me. Do you ever find that helps ladies?

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635703 in reply to TogetherWeAreStrong

I’m sad to hear of your struggles too lovely but so pleased you responded and I love your self compassion and nurturing approach to difficult days. Brilliant stuff 💗

I’m going to have to walk 1 miles to the GP Surgery and 1 mile back for my zolodex injection and praying it doesn’t rain. On top of struggling to walk with pelvic pain. I may use diclofenac pain meds before I go.

When I come back, I have a shake as I’m doing Fast 800, todays a fasting day of 600 calories, as I’m now pre-diabetic and plan to shed weight via NHS weight management service. But I will have a cup of tea in my favourite big mug, use my weighted blanket to calm me down to self regulate, and watch tv and have an early night.

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TogetherWeAreStrongModerator in reply to 635703

Thank you for your kind words, it warms my heart, people understand the words that I am saying but not what they actually mean. I love your plan for the day, it's a real spring day in my neck of the woods so I am sending some over to you! An early night any day of the week is music to my ears - thank you for contributing you just never know when you will touch that one person and you have done that for me today x

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635703 in reply to TogetherWeAreStrong

thank you and I really hope you are able to just switch off to it for your pizza and film night! I don’t know about anybody else, but I have to switch off intentionally and not watch the news.

I am really worried about the DWP changes as we can see they’re going to try to get disabled people into work. Hopefully they are educated before trying to do this. Ugh 😩 😭💔

I can nurture myself beautifully but I cannot change the moronic government stance on disability benefits. That’s something I have to let slide today. I hope The Psychologist’s and other professionals speak up on this. It’s not my battle to have and especially not today!

This has added to how crappy I am feeling because it hurts. Do they think we are at home sipping cocktails on the lawn?!


It’s such a bloody insult and I want to go back to work but….hello….waiting lists for starters!!

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TogetherWeAreStrongModerator in reply to 635703

I do have to switch off intentionally the same as you. But I lean into this environment of like minded people, as we are so honest as to the realities of our lives, it's not hypothetical

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thank you everybody for your help! I ended up in A&E last night as my numbness, pins and needles and faint feelings ended up in my first panic attack… it was truly awful x

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