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Iv a diagnostic lap this week for endo with possible removal... However iv noticed some shooting pain and ovary pain is directly underneath the start of my c section scar.. At first I thought maybe it's this causing me pain yet again I still have heavy periods pain during sex back ache tightness and soreness afte euro nation etc etc etc is it possible endo could have attatched to my scar inside causing the pain too? ? Xxx

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yes it certainly is possible for c-section scar to be a problem. Either because endo cells got trapped in the wound as it was closed up, which is called iatrogenic endometriosis, where a human intervention accidentally shifted some endo cells to a new location.

or from adhesions and scarring on the inside of the wound site which grow and can attach to nearby organs and tissue and become a problem in its own right.

Do mention this to your surgeon before the op and they can take a look behind the old scar and see if there is anything there that needs removing or cutting back.

Best of Luck for you op and a speedy recovery.


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