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Confused after lap

Had my second lap yesterday which confirmed for sure I have endo, dont really think the docs should come to see you after you have just woken up as I cant really remember what he said!! apart from I have endo in the lower half of my womb where he had removed some adhesions that were related to my appendix scar???

Little bit concerned as before the op he spoke to me about the prostap injections, not really sure wha this means - any advice??? xx

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Hi I had my lap Saturday and yes they do try and talk to you too quickly. Before I was discharged I asked the nurse to read through my notes with me she was great and explained everything. She said my notes would be sent to docs within 24 hours and to call ward if needed or doctors with any issues. So would it be worth calling your doctor for a phone call appointment and see if they can explain what was found? This is my first lap so only just been diagnosed with endo so haven't discussed any treatment I have to wait for my follow up appointment to find out what's next. So sorry can't help with that but I'm sure there's many on here that can help you.

I hope your recovering well and resting lots x


Hi, thanks for your reply, hope your feeling ok. My doctors are pretty useless to be honest so think i will just wait to see the surgeon again least they know what they are talking about - think the worst pain at the monent besides my stomach are my shoulders im in absolute agony finding it hard to take really deep breaths what a nightmare!! xx


I had my lap last Tuesday, and yes the surgeon spoke to me as I literally woke up, the convo lasted about 30 secs and consisted of hysterectomy with ovaries too, too much endo to try to treat and could try injection to close down ovaries but will delay the inevitable! I woke up at 5.45pm and was home by 8.20pm as the recovery ward closes at 8pm, and I was not really well enough to go so soon but had no choice unless I stayed in overnight but they didn't seem keen for me to do, and neither was I to be honest - they leave you a bit bewildered, they dump all this new info on you when you can't really take it all in, I'm lucky as have app next week to see consultant so hopefully will get all facts then.

Take care xxx


Worth71 that sounds so like mine two years ago. I agree with all you ladies, they don't allow you enough time to come round properly to take it all in. My hubby was with me when the consultant came to see me pre-op he said he would explain all the findings to my husband and me after. he didnt wait for my hubby and I was so drousy didn't even know he had been. I felt rubish, blood pressure very low and couldn't go to the loo, the nurses were getting a bit fed up as they wanted to shut up the ward but couldn't let me go until I had been to the loo.

I have always had female issues and that was my third laparoscopy. 1st I had endo, 2nd apparently I had swollen blood vessels but treatment for both was the same, stop my periods with Danazol. I had had symptoms on and off for years so my doc just used to give me Danazol for a few months, also helped with my very painful boobs.

after last lap in 2011 I was given three months of zanadol inplants into the stomach which made me extremely ill, weight plummeted, panic attacks, totally sleepless nights, was practically a wreck so stopped taking Zanadol but the consultant was awful. he said well you won't have a hysterectomy or take anymore zanadol so I can't do anything more for you.

I went away, was put back on Danazol and went to see about chinese accupuncture, after changing my diet (cutting out bananas and cold food and down on wheat and fortnightly accupuncture I felt so much better but it all stopped working last september and am back to square one. Decided to go for a hysterectomy now but didn't want to see the same consultant and he was the only one avaialble but got the chance to choose a different hospital, so chose the next nearest. lovely consultant but he wanted to start from scratch, so have had to go through the scans etc again and he immediately took me off the Danazol sayig it shouldn't be prescribed anymore so whilst waiting for the scan on 15th april things are awful. painkillers dont work, the numb the pain but it is the awful feeling I have downstairs and down my legs which affect me. I feel as though I am being split in two. Just getting in and out of the car or off my chair at work, exercse including walking and swimming are impossible. feel I am ruining my hubby's life too not being able to do noraml things.

once I get in from work which some days is such a struggle, I just slump on the sofa for the evening. I miss the exercise and feel stupid when people ask about going for a walk or my sister wants me to babysit, it exhausts me.

I feel like I have glass inside me at times and others like I need to push something back inside.

feel better for getting this off my chest as I love my hubby but I can't tell him this and certainly won't bore friends with it. the only lovely lady who understood how crap I feel was my mother-in-law but she passed away last year. she was the most selfless person I have ever met but she was so poorly herself. tks for listening ladies...


Some of the after care in the wards is shocking, the nurses always seem nice but these day case recovery wards that close at 8pm is not good for those who have the last op slot, I was sat up with just the hosp gown on, nothing on underneath, luckily I brought wet wipes with me as they had nothing to offer me so I could clean up, it was just a square plastic backed sheet and I was bleeding all over it, trying to get myself cleaned up as they kept saying they have to close in twenty mins, they woudnt let my sister in at first to help but when I was being sick they did.

I am going to look into the endo diet a bit further, and maybe trial cutting out one thing at a time and see if it helps, I know already that wheat aggravates it, and yes the tiredness I know what you mean, I sometimes think its taking pain killers too that makes us tired too.

It's good you've managed to find a nice consultant but a shame you've had to go through lots of tests again - and it is good to get things off your chest on here, I have great support at home, I really am lucky but at times I still feel so scared and lonely, and that is when I come on here and I feel such comfort xxx


Hi I hope your shoulder pain has eased today, I've been drinking lots of peppermint tea and drinking fizzy drinks to help get the wind out and seems to be working I know peppermint cordial is good too! I have to agree with you all that they should wait till your ready to be discharged before giving you results, I had 4 hours of being an emotional reck before by hubby was coming and then had to try and tell him what they'd said. I was lucky that the nurse went through it and was very patient with me when all I could do was cry! She tried to reassure me the anesthetic can make you emotional and helped me calm down. I am feeling much better and the support on here has definately helped it is easy to feel scared and lonely and can only agree with the above comment that this site gives you some comfort.

Burper123 good luck with your new consultant and I hope they help you and support you in the way they should.

everyday I'm feeling better and today I walked across the road to the shop, a little achey but my head feels so much clearer today. So keep resting as much as possible and don't forget to take painkillers, yesterday afternoon I didn't understand why I had lots of pains in my tummy, then realised I'd fallen asleep and should have taken my pills 3 hours earlier! Took a while to kick back in but all ok now.

Wishing you a good recovery and hopefully we will get more answers at the follow up appointment, xx


Thanks for all your comments - shoulder pain is a little bit better today but still major trapped wind that doesnt seem to want to come out, nothing new there anyway ha. Managed to have a bath last night and took the dressings off and found a scar about 2 inches long from my belly button with stiches in little bit suprised to be honest as nobody told me about this but suppose its a small price to pay if it will make things better in the long run.

Worth71 really feel for you was a massive relief when he told me that the endo was only mild cant even imagine how people cope when its much worse than what i have - feel like a bit of a fraud sometimes reading other peoples problems.

Burper123 totally understand your situation really hope you find some comfort talking to people on here it really has helped me.

Lillyflower glad your feeling a bit better I have my sisters running round after me so im making the most of it for now! i might venture out for a walk at the wknd 2 weeks off work might drive me round the bend!! xxx


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