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New to this,and very confused


Hi everyone,need some help and advice. Been trying for a baby 4 years,eventually after failed ivf I was diagnosed with endo cyst on my right ovary which showed up on internal scan. Well just had laproscopy today and was told I had severe endometriosis,cysts drained and all surface endo lasered away and cut free as it was adhered to something,not 100 percent sure what. But doctor very pleased with it all,he's recommending prostap 3 for 6 months didn't appear to be up for discussion,but all iv seen so far is it's used for pain from endo. Fortunately my pain isn't that extreme and when it's bad it's only for 1 day max. I'd hoped I could start trying to get prenant ASAP and the thought of another 6 months delay is heartbreaking. (I'm 35 years old) any info as to why this will help is appreciated,as I'm not convinced I want it x

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Not sure I can help, but what I was told best time to try is after a laparoscopy especially if they were able to remove endo at time of surgery. I was under the illusion for the first 6 months to a year fertility is improved before re growth happens. But don't quote me as I could be wrong x

Obviously you'll need recovery time first, but I'd speak with your consultant and say that your pain isn't that severe and that you would like to start TTC again once you are fully recovered from the lap...see what they say...its your life at the end of the day...

Thanks for replys ladies;I rang my own GP and he recommended it also. Said it was because I had severe endometriosis the laproscopy would only have removed obvious endo and this would destroy any's to save it from coming back and having to get nother lap in future. Still undecided Wether to go for it,but I've a couple of weeks to decide x

I wish you all the best on which ever you decide hun, I only had a scrapping removed as needed surgery with a bowel specialist also. Are you under a endo clinic? Maybe worth asking them for advise x

I'm only seeing a consultant in the gynaecology department of local hospital,I didn't know there was such a thing as an endo clinic! Il have to look that up now! I was only referred to gynae after a cyst was found on a scan so I know nothing! I only thought I was getting cysts drained not to be told I'd stage 4 endo and little chance of conceiving naturally! Still reeling from it all and in a lot more pain from laproscopy than I imagined! So thank u!xx

If you feel good don't take it!! It's your body and your time. You know your body best. Trust yourself I support you :). Besides what are the side effects??! I'm sure it's not worth the risk if you don't feel that you need it anyway! Our bodies are stronger than we realize if you had all that lasered out give our body a chance to do what it's supposed to!! Xx

It's been four years for us too. I go in for a lap tuesday. I have made so much improvement naturally I'd never take a prescription. Honestly if I wasn't married I'd continue with natural treatment but it does take time and im getting impatient. Lol but I'm with you in this. Go naturally you'll be just fine. ! Blessings!

Thank u for ur lovely message! I had decided I was going to leave the prostap- which will plunge me into temporary menopause and delay trying for a baby for 6 months at least! 😢 I had thought we'd just go straight into trying to conceive and take my chances with what endo is left. Felt so relieved I'd made decision,until my hubby voiced concerns,then my mum,then an email from ivf doctor who hadn't even bothered to read email i sent her properly!! I took my sorry self off to bed and woke to ur lovely message,and I thank u x good luck for Tuesday and peppermint tea is a god send afterwards x

Been debating if to write this or not, but I've got a 10yr old daughter and had not conceived in the years that followed. I then had a lap in may lil bit taken but was extensive endo so was referred to endo clinic, me and my partner excepted I couldn't conceive, had a follow up app in June spoke about removing bowel and hysterectomy, then July found out I was pregnant. Not sure if I was cos I wasn't focused or the lap but it happened. My fingers are crossed for you x

No i really appreciate your input,thank u! I believe enough was done in my lap to help me conceive and I really want to give it a go as soon as,and if I don't try now how will I know?! Hope u don't mind me asking,is all well with your pregnancy? If u dont want to answer i understand x

No that's fine ask away, at the start I was in a lot of pain at one point I had an early scan as they thought it could be eptopic but all was okay I've had dating scan since and currently 14 weeks gone and pain has only slightly sub sided in last week. I had an app with endo nurse last week and she was surprised I was pregnant. Now all further surgery as been understandably put back. And start back with endo clinic six weeks after birth x

That's fantastic news,wish u a happy and healthy pregnancy! It's great to hear a positive story,it's given me hope,thank u xx

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