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Im 24 got diagnosed with endo last April to having it over my womb and my walls down there, Im always in pain with back acke and pelvic pain. I constantly have lack of sleep and always tired I'm so down ATM because I feel no one my age understands me not even my family as they dont have it. They always say I'm down and should stop being negative but I am generally finding this hard. I have struggled to meet someone as having sex is far to painful as the laser treatment has made the scar tissue so sore and it still hurts and I can't see a happy ending with this. What can I do to just make me feel normal again and help my back ?

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Hi hunny, I'm sorry your having a hard time, 24 is a hard age to be coping with this, what have the docs already done for you, and are you on any treatments, how is your general lifestyle eating exercise work ect, I'm 39 and also in a lot of pain some days, very few days a month with nothing, I'm still waiting for a laparoscopy to confirm, I hear there are some good books about lifestyle changes, also some alternative therapies can help, I hope you get some help soon, and I'm sure you will find a lovely understanding man 1 day, xxx



I am in a very similar situation, i am 25 and have been recently diagnosed after suffering since primary school! I have been misdiagnosed over the years with eating disorders and all sorts and feel very similar to you in that i don't see how it will imrove. My family are very similar, they are supportive, yet keep suggesting things to do that just frustrate, upset or anger me because it makes me feel like they don't understand! What medication do you have day to day? I have recently split up with my partner because everything just got too much for me to deal with, but please don't lose hope with it! I wish I could give you lots of words of wisdom but really i just wanted to make sure you knew you weren't alone with it! xxxx


The diet that Tboag mentioned is at the following link;


There's lots of tips on the site to help you and case studies from women who have had much improvement after trying the diet.

I know you may feel alone but there are lots of other women in our position. This site is great for connecting with others who are going through the same thing as you.

Hope you start to see some improvement soon xx


I'm in the similar situation as yourself - no one understands none of my friends or family have it my parents and my boyfriend are very supportive however it doesn't really help as they don't know what it feels like - and like you i feel depressed sometimes although people see me 'having the perfect life' its not one bit i try not to tell people as i don't want people thinking im moaning all the time - im 23 by the way :) so similar age - i really don't have trouble sleeping though like yourself im the opposite i could sleep for weeks given half the chance - it makes me more tired - my doctor said endo can make you depressed which i didn't know - which made me feel a little bit better (at least im not crazy lol) as for painful sex - it is hard im really scared my boyfriend will dump me but he's accepting of it at the moment - but don't be scared if they are worth it they will stick by you :) - hope this helps - Love Laura xx


Hello Dear i am going through the same problem but im taking omega 3s,tumeric,black strapmollases and nattokinase. this has helped me. I dont take medication while taking these supplements becuase their may be side effects.I am lucky i have a understanding fiance but what made him more understanding was when i took a picture of a large blod clot that i passed two weeks ago and showed him he was very scared and compassionate towards my pain. I know this sounds crazy but this is something i did, I also told my friends and family about what im going through and my sister looked up endometriosis surgery on you tube and was very shocked on how ugly this could be for any woman. In the meantime im going to try to exerciese more eat more soups natural not canned and cook with olive oil and eat more organic food. I believe we all can be healed with love,natural remedies and healing foods.


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