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Chocolate cyst query and wonder if anyone can help? xx :(

Hello, I was diagnosed ten years ago when I had a large chocolate cyst removed. Since then no symptoms for 10 years on combined pill. 7 months ago I had a lot of stress at work and visual disturbances and my Dr wouldn't let me take my old pill. Went on mini pill, it didn't continue to suppress my cycle and after a month pain, bleeding etc back!! Was very concerned about getting another cyst ( pain on right messed up side) and eventually the Dr let me back on Combined pill, (thank goodness!) Been back on it a month (much better) but still some pain and (I may sound really stupid here) worried that if I do have another chocolate cyst (that developed during the six months I was on the mini pill) that the oestrogen in the combined pill could make it worse? I may be totally wrong here. Didn't have any problems at all until I came of the combined pill. Am really worried because I have been pressured to apply for a promotion at work and am worried in case I get it and then have to have time off for further surgery!!! Any help / advice to this rambling post would be great :0 xxxx


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