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How can I tell if serrapeptase is working on my ovarian cyst (endometrioma or "chocolate cyst")

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Dear All,

Hello! (This is my first time posting.) I've gotten so much useful information here - thank you! I have been diagnosed with a 7.5 cm chocolate cyst on my left ovary, and a few other 1 cm cysts on both ovaries. My doctor says that it is not cancerous (thankfully, and fingers still crossed just in case). I have started taking nattokinase and serrapeptase (I am now at 240,000 IU of serrapeptase a day, and will try to work myself up to a higher dose). Is there any way to tell if the serrapeptase is working - (i.e. reducing the size of my cyst)? Specifically, should I be expecting to see bloody discharge on a daily basis? Or, if it is working and breaking down some cyst (and maybe also some other endometrial tissue), would the broken down products "wait" until my period to be discharged? I know everyone is different, but even hearing your unique experience would be helpful to me, so that I can understand the range of possibilities. I know a few people have talked about cyst shrinkage and discharge with serrapeptase on this forum. Thank you so much!

16 Replies
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I tried Serrapeptase too for 2-3 months before my lap and unfortunately it did not make any difference to the size of the chocolate cyst I had (4-5cm). After the lap the doctors told me they found my Fallopian tubes were clear which could maybe be thanks to the Serrapeptase but I will never know as I have no idea of whether or not they were clogged up before.

I did notice Serrapeptase gave me horrible headaches though, are you experiencing this? And I used to feel needle pain in my left ovary in the first weeks of taking it so I was hopeful that it would be dissolving the cyst.

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DrNarwhal in reply to Anav8

Thanks! That's so frustrating that you had specific pains making you think it was working, and then no effect on the cyst! I am getting more headaches now, actually, but I get headaches a lot so it's hard to tell why. But since I've been on 240,000 IU I've definitely been feeling more nauseous/tired/headachey/unable to do anything than before. So I may go down to a lower dose..

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bdeniz in reply to DrNarwhal

Hello there! I might have been due to your body's response to the detoxification process

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CarolinaGull in reply to Anav8

Hi Anav8,

What brand and dosage of serrapeptase were you taking? Did you take it every day?

Have you started taking it again?

Have you had any success dissolving your chocolate cyst with other natural methods?

Thanks in advance 🙏🏻

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I would bleed in between my periods. I also did some exercise and got monthly massages it helped me tremendously .I took a X-ray 6 months after taking nattokinase and it revealed the cyst was gone.

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DrNarwhal in reply to Lyneet

Thank you - I'm so glad to hear it helped! Were you taking only nattokinase, or nattokinase and serrapeptase? And, if I may ask, what dose (doses)?

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PiscesWoman in reply to Lyneet

I just started taking Serrapatase along with Chinese teas and Wobenzyme to help unblock a tube. Just started having headaches and 1st time having some abnormal bleeding after my cycle. Is that normal for bleeding and headaches?

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CarolinaGull in reply to Lyneet

Hi Lyneet,

Was your cysts complex, simple, septated, chocolate or endometrioma?

Were you taking serrapeptase AND nattokinase, or just nattokinase?

What were the brands and dosages you took?

Also, what were the size of your cyst before your xray that revealed the cyst was gone?

Thanks in advance! 🙏🏻

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I found that the pain in the areas it was in worst increased for couple of days before it got better now i dont get pain on that side at all and just mild on the other side and now my periods are nowhere near painful just uncomfortable

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DrNarwhal in reply to Lyn84

Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that. Did you have any discharge when you were taking the serrapeptase - that is, the remnants of the tissue the serrapeptase broke up and dislodged? And of course I'm curious about your dose, and how long it took to get better...

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MoonBeans in reply to DrNarwhal

Hey ladies! Any improvement? I have been taking serrapeptase 40,000iu about 8-capsules a day for 2weeks now and today i am experiencing some pains i hope this means it is working! How did it fare for you? And what was your dosage?

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Amyskb in reply to MoonBeans

Hello, did Serrapeptase work for you?

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I had no discharge took a couple of months before improvement i take two before bed and one when i wake up

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Hello, I noticed this post is a few months old. I was told to take serrapeptase with two NACs to help the liver. This lady was checking her liver enzimes and was told this is the best way to support the serrapeptase.

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Hello, I was just wondering how you got on in the end with Serrapeptase and the shrinking of the chocolate cysts? x

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I don't know if my cysts are getting smaller but I don't have painful periods since I started taking it.

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