Help - can endometrioma cysts burst and cause just moderate pain?

Hi, so I've been on the pill for three weeks as endometriosis treatment and I take the pills every day. Four days ago I started spotting which later turned into a full blown period. Today at work I was having usual period pain so I took one ibuprofen. Later at work I felt a strange sensation and then I realized there was blood running down my leg (despite wearing a pad). I ran to the bathroom and - sorry for TMI - I noticed I had passed a HUGE clot and a lot of blood. I have clots usually but they are not that big and they are dark. This thing was light brownish and pink. Now, I have a 5x6 cm endometrioma cyst and I was wondering if it could have burst and cause the heavy bleeding and the clot. But I know that if a cyst bursts it is supposed to hurt like hell, and I only have normal dull period pain. Can a cyst burts without causing that much pain? I am trying to figure out if I should see a dr.

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  • If I was you I would go back to the doc that gave you the pill, was it gp or gyne,

    Why did they not operate on the cyst.?


  • I'm still waiting for pre-op assessment at the hospital that is supposed to do my lap, it's next wednesday. They are going to do MRI and blood test for the cancer marker and decide if they should operate. I certainly hope they do, I've been having symptoms for years. I worry that if I lose the cyst or it shrinks, they might not want to operate and choose hormone treatment instead. If my pain and bleeding doesn't get worse than my usual period, I will wait till wednesday to see the consultant, but I might call my gyne on monday if I keep getting those nasty clots. I've honestly never seen anything like that before.

  • I wish you luck, are you under a endo specialist,


  • Not sure if the women's clinic I was referred to has an endo specialist, but it's university hospital so I hope they have one.

  • Not necessarily, check out the BSGE list online, all the specialist centres are on there, there isn't that many unfortunately


  • I had an endometrioma burst and it caused severe pain and bled into my abdomen, which didn't result in any vaginal bleeding. I'm not sure that your cyst bursting would cause the bleeding and passing clots that you're describing. I think it would be a good idea for you to at least call your doctor about this.

  • thanks, I know when a cyst bursts it's completely different from what I was experiencing. I just panicked because after years of symptoms this was a new one. And I have an appointment with a consultant on wednesday so I will tell them. I just desperately want my consultant to recommend laparoscopy and I am afraid that if the cyst shrinks or something, they might not want to do anything about it. After years of frustration and "period pain is normal" and "it's normal to be sick, everybody is sick sometimes" I just want something to be done!

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