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Does anyone have problems with their bowels when on their period?

I had my first lap last June and although the 'normal' symptoms have come back I am now getting problems with my bowel at the time of my period! This month was so bad A&E was the next option!! It's like my bowel is stuck with superglue and it's tearing it apart as I'm trying to go

And what with the upset stomach that endo brings this is agony! Just been back to hospital today and he thinks that the endo has now attached my bowl so booking in for round two!! Has anyone else ever experienced this?? xxx

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Yep I suffer with this badly. It is excrutiating during my period but happens all month too. I get completely blocked up and it's so painful. Its awful isnt it? :o(

Unfortunately, its quite a common symptom. I think its partly the reason a lot of women with endo get misdiagnosed with IBS. At one stage I was prescribed to take maximum dosage-8 sachets of movicol (for constipation) a day and still, nothing. I think it is all endo related.

I had my first lap this day last week and didn't manage to move my bowels until Sunday night.

I can't believe this is where we are, sitting (with pain!) around and literally talking s**t!! Lol!


Same here! And again all throughout the month. The pain can be excruciatung during ans very much after a bowel movement and has even causes fissures that i have had for almosy a year now! The things we have to put up with x


Only thing that has worked for me is enemas. I got them from my GP and they are easy to use : just poke the tiny nozzle up where the sun don't shine, squeeze the liquid up your bum, wait 10-15 mins and hey presto! This was after 6 days of constipation post laparotomy. I used 3 enemas in 2 days and it cleared my bowel. I have endo and IBS.


Sooo comforting to see people on here have the similar problems!!! Mine seems to be the other way though! Constant upset stomachs going up to 3/4 times a day ongoing throughout the month!! But just when I'm on although I have the worst cramps with the upset tummy I just cannot pass it!!! Gonna book in my lap in for four weeks time but that means I have to have another period before then!! Dreading it is not the word!!! I'm starting to wonder if I have endo and IBS like you maccerpops!!! I wish I wAs a man... They get it so bloody easy!!! xxxx


Yes I have the same problem but I also have Diverticular disease endo hiatius hernia asthma life is so hard and the Bowel problem affects everything now have Mirena coil and add on therapy mini pil. I take one Imodium and a 15mg codeine in the morning before work and it usually sorts me out for most of the day. I 've been in Hospital twice and off work for 9 weeks and on a phased return back to work its very hard to live with

Good luck

Persil x


Hi I get this too. Like a knife up my backside.. And the constipation ... Omg . I was prescribed senna (2 tablets on a nite) they really helped me


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