Does anyone with endometriosis have their period every single day?

I'm 19 years old and have had my period everyday for a couple years now. It got terrible last year when it got much heavier with horrible pains. I went on the pill and it got rid of the bleeding and pain for a week or two, but then it slowly started to come back more and more. I also started to suffer from migrains and other side effects from the pill, so that was no longer an option for me.

After going to multiple doctors about it and all of them not knowing what was wrong, I asked to be referred to a Gynacologist. I was told straight away by the Gynacologist that i have Endometriosis and would require surgery asap because the pain was so bad. I even had to quit my job because it was interfering too much.

I still had my period after surgery but was told it would settle down in a couple months because i had the mirena inserted. After 5 months i still had bleeding everyday. It was the exact same pain and but maybe a bit more lighter bleeding as before surgery, which made me think it wasn't because of the mirena. Also, the mirena should have settled by then.

I let my Gynacologist know and she said it wasn't normal to keep bleeding with the mirena in for that long. She prescribed me Primolut N, which is basically an extra boost of hormones to stop the bleeding. When i'm not bleeding as much, there is less pain, so our goal was to stop the bleeding.

However, I have now had the mirena in for almost 9 months and i have been on Primolut N for about 4 months (the past 2 months have even been increased to a double dose). I am still bleeding everyday and recieving horrible pain with it.

I'm not sure if i still have endometriosis or not. The pain could be from nerve pain, when the period blood flow hits the glands as a reaction to what they have been through.

I haven't found anyone else with endometriosis and to have bleeding every single day. If there is anyone out there please let me know! Or if anyone knows why i bleed everyday!



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