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Anyone else get severe mid/lower back pain around time of ovulating and when on period?

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I'm waiting to have a laparoscopy for suspected endo. Finding my back pain is worse than tummy pain at different times of month. Does anyone else find back pain is worse around ovulation and period to the point all you can do is lay down but even that doesn't help! I ended up going to a&e recently as was in so much pain in back I could hardly walk!!

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Yes, I have this! I haven't had a diagnosis for endo yet (doctors still aren't taking me seriously) but I get ovulation pain and bleeding that basically just feels like another period. The term my doctor used for the pain is "mittelsmerz".

My back pain focuses around the base of my spine, and sometimes its so bad I have to waddle. I find those microwave hottie things help a lot, also when I went to a&e I was prescribed codeine (though I wouldn't rely on that for regular pain management - you can get withdrawal symptoms from it).

Glad to hear someone else has same symptoms! It takes so long for a diagnosis! I keep using hot water bottles. Can't take codiene as allergic to it so just trying to get through pain by taking CBD oil which helps a bit

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain.

I used to have the lower back pain that was so much worse than anything else - memories of having to crawl to the bathroom on my elbows coz my legs wouldn't move (of course the helpful gp at the time said it was normal!).

You're doing the right thing by getting it investigated. In the meantime you probably need at least two hot water bottles. Or three now that I think about it - one for front, one for back and one ready to go when back one starts to cool!

Omg that's awful you had to crawl to bathroom! Thats a good idea to have a back up hot water bottle sounds like a very good idea! Hopefully I'll have some answers soon.

Backache is one of my worst symptoms, it was much worse before my endometriosis surgery but thankfully much more manageable now. From my first ever period pain I would suffer terribly with my back which was worse than my stomach cramps. Backache is an Endo symptom for many. Get an electric heat pad, Argos sell a good one and whenever my back starts I put that on straight away, helps more than painkillers at times.

All the best xx

That's reassuring to hear you say it's a symptom. Seeing consultant on Monday so hopefully will have laparoscopy soon and hopefully have some answers.

I presume they test for complex utis culturing as back pain can mean kidneys involved with pyuria [ sepsis] which can scar .Otherwise try GUM clinic as do it on the spot .

Hi. Thanks for info. I had laparoscopy on Monday and they found deep infiltrating endometriosis on the left Pelvic side wall and on my left uterosacral ligament which they excised. Then they found a small amount of endo on my right ovary and adjacent to the appendix which they lasered off!! So I think all the endo in my pelvis was causing the severe pain! 💜

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