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Well I am one of the luckier ones in that my dr and gyno have taken me seriously quickly. I had a lap in December 2012 just 7 months after getting married and my copper coil was replaced with the mirena. While I still get some pain the main issue is bleeding for aprox 3 weeks at a time. Neither my husband or I want children so I am currently booked in on 5 June for the removal of my womb lining using a heated ball. I didn't ask at the time but I am not sure how this will help the endo outside the womb. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • Don't know how it affects the endo outside, but I know that when I had the ablations done it weakened my womb so much that I wasn't able to have children as it wouldn't have been strong enough to hold the child throughout pregnancy. My advice would be to please be careful and make sure that you are 100% certain you and your husband don't want to have children before you proceed with having this done. xx

  • Thanks Fordie. Yes we are 100% certain about not having children. My husband is 67 and i am 37 so we are both a bit too ling in the tooth to start a family. We have plenty of nieces and nephews between us, so get all the fun without the responsibilty. I just want this constant bleeding to stop xx

  • I understand. Sorry if my reply was a bit harsh/direct before, but I just don't want people going through unnecessary upset. I hope all goes well for you xx

  • Your reply was perfect. Thank you xx

  • I had an ablation done 3 years ago. I had the microwave 'wand' method (can't remember it's name but do know it was very new from the USA back then). It will help tremendously with your monthly bleeding; either no bleeding at all or minimal (and no clots!) but it will not help with the endo elsewhere in the pelvis as it is done solely within the uterus and not outside. You will have to have other treatment for your Endo. As Fordie777 said you must be 100% sure that you will not want children in the future (which you are). I was asked beforehand if I was sure I had completed my family and told that I would not be able to carry any future pregnancies after the procedure. What has scared me since is the amount of ladies on this forum who have been offered an ablation in their 20's BEFORE they have planned to start a family and were NOT told the consequences of this treatment! Good luck! x

  • Thanks bokkie. I had a feeling that would be the case. My endo is relatively mild so i can cope with that. The constant bleeding however is something i want to get rid of and drugs and the coil aren't doing that. Children are not on the game plan and it was made very clear that they would not be possible after this surgery. There is a difference between choosing not to have children and being told that you can't have them - but all things considered this is the right move for me. Thanks for the support. Now if only they could carry out some lipposuction at the same time......:)

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