Help Please - ablation 😢

Please help worried sick!!

My hospital letter says "extensive endometrosis found and ABLATION DONE" does that mean they ablation my endo patches or the ablation of my womb - meaning I can't have anymore children? Please someone know :( can't stop worrying about it. I want more children and if this has been done I will never carry children 😢 xx


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  • Hi hun. Don't worry it means they have removed the endo but if you are worried pls do call your gp or consultant in the morning. Hugs xx

  • Thank you. Am just really worried it's not specific. I really hope it's not that !! And if they did without asking it's horrible xxx

  • Don't worry I'm sure it just the endo they removed they need your permission to do a hysterectomy. Xx

  • I agree I wouldn't worry , there is no way the could take out your womb without your permission, but if you are still worried have a chat with you gyne x

  • It's not really taken my womb away it's the endometrial lining burnt away. Sorry does that mean hysterectomy? Xx

  • Amy had the same thing on her first Laparoscopy, for her it meant that they had done an Ablation on all of the endometriosis cells but had left everything else where it was supposed to be. Best thing to do would be phone and check properly first thing in the morning though to put your mind at rest.

  • I am probs just reading into it too much thanks so mich for everyone's reassurance xxx

  • I had an ablation and that was complete area with lap and this is when I found endo. I would check they mean certain areas or complete area as if all you may not be able to have children after. I have since seen endo specialist who has carried out excision - are you seeing endo specialist as my previous gyno missed uterus stuck to bladder with endo and was just small areas - more pain after and also had zoledex to no avail. I have been told it works for some I hope it does for you xx

  • thanks I haven't had a follow up at the gyne yet since my op in November iv only been told off my gp she read the notes said it was found on my pouvh of douglas and just behind my ovaries. I have an app today regarding my back end bleeding but that only happens when am on my period. Tmi sorry. I don't think am seeing a specialist. Sorry sounds like you has a ruff time. Hope ur feeling better now xx

  • yes recovering from complicated adom hyster had late last year as un safe keyhole - thought it would be all straight forward, return theatre day after reopened as really ill and two blood transfusions. Yes ask lots of questions sounds he hasant been up front. You can also ask be referred to an endo specialist xx

  • God that must have been hard for you. Glad ur past that. ❤️ I agree I have a gyno app at the endo of the month and keeping a pain diary to help xxx

  • yes making slow progress still bit sore, and trying get right hrt balance and everything removed. Good idea and maybe take someone with you as I find that helps as you they make of things you dont ask - partner, close family member or friend xx

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