Difficult to do physical activities?

Do anyone else find it difficult to do general physical activities (house work, cleaning the car etc), do you feel a lack of energy and does it create or increase pain...womb and back pain...?

I feel like physical activity is difficult, I am only 20 and I get very tired and need to have a hot water bottle or something afterwards to help back and womb pain/cramps.

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  • Is it just me then?:s

  • I'm the same:( do you have endo too? Xx

  • My symptoms appear so, but I haven't had the op to actually be diagnosed. I thought it was just me that found it difficult to be activities, I am okay sometimes. How about you?xx

  • I am ok sometimes apart from constant back pain which varies from a dull ache to pure agony, I really want to clean and go out with my family but it really isn't worth the pain after :( hope you are feeling ok xxx

  • I know, its annoying we are limited by our health to do general activities. I have to take pain killers to help with the pain but there isn't a pill of my knowledge that helps with lack of energy/tiredness... I am feeling okay thanks, quite used to it at the moment, but I have hope for improvement :)I hope you are okay?Xxx

  • I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet, but my GP has now said that she thinks that this is a real possibility. Having started reading up about it and, in particular reading other people's experience of it, I think she might be right.

    In answer to your question for the last 6 months I have been struggling to do anything physical. Prior to this I was kickboxing twice a week, taking my dog out for 1.5 hours every morning and cycling regularly. Now I don't go to kickboxing, don't cycle and when I walk the dog I stand at the side of the field doubled over in pain. I also used to do yoga regularly but find it difficult to do it now.

    I also spend some days in bed - not necessarily just for the pain, but because I feel so fatigued. It is surprising how drained I feel. Some days I have to fight to stay awake, but then the next day I feel ok again. But then the next day I'm fatigued again.

    I also have had trouble keeping up with basic everyday things like housework. I'm trying to do things on the days when I feel better, but in smaller amounts. Energy and motivation are at an all time low.

    I haven't yet found too much information on the fatigue aspect of endo. So would be interested to know if there is anyone else too.

  • Hi thanks for you reply. I haven't yet been diagnosed with endo but the specialist seem to think I have it. I am just debating whether to do the op or not... Yeah I feel the same a lot, I wake up feeling like I could go back to sleep again, I feel tired a lot and not motivated to do things because I feel i have a lack of energy. Sometimes I am not to bad, but after using a bit of energy I am really tired again. Some people think I am being lazy, but I am not. I don't feel like I used to feel, i used to be so energetic and love doing sports etc but now even going shopping or something I have to recover to get my energy back. I am only 20 so I should have loads of energy. On symptom of endo is lack of energy/tiredness but it isn't spoken about much as I guess the pain and effects are a bigger issue.. I guess we have to try our best and do what we can in the mean time:)

  • I'm exact the same it's not good are they going to send you for a lap? Xx

  • I don't know whether to do the op..my symptoms seem to be increasing in number which is a bit scary as I don't know what is going on, I don't know if the endo is spreading. So I am going through options of pills and stuff to try and get something to stop the endo from spreading by stopping my periods etc but i am running out of options as a lot of the pills haven't agreed with me. I have the op in mind as i want to know what is going on and if i do have endo and to clear it but one of the specialist strongly advised me to not do the op and have something to stop my periods and when i have kids, if i have difficulty then i should do the op but all the other specialist advised me to do the op. But one of the specialist have scared me off from doing the op due to her personal experiences... Have you had the op? where are you at, at the moment?xx

  • I'm in lancashire, go for the op but make sure it's an excision surgeon it should change everything for you, I had diagnostic lap 18 years ago I don't think they did anything other than look, all the pills and injections you are being offered will mask the endo so as soon as you stop them it will return probs worse I would go for op all the way xxx where are you?

  • Ah okay, why an excision surgeon? so are there no pills or injections etc that stop the endo from spreading. A specialist said the cerelle pill stops ovulation all together. She said it may prevent endo from getting worse, it would put endo to sleep... Thanks, I am in berkshire :)

  • Yes it will go asleep but as soon as you stop it starts again, excision they cut it out so little to no chance of return, if they use ablation ( burn) it's just like skimming and will defo re grow xx

  • So could you stayed on pills until you want kids and the endo wont spread to get worse? So if i did the op, would i need to do the keyhole surgery first to see if i have endo then have it removed if i have it? Also how would i get them to cut it rather than burn..? if i ask for them to cut it instead do you think they would let me, as otherwise they would let everyone do that? thanks xx

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