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Mushrooms and Grape Juice are aromatase inhibitors and therefore oestrogen reducers. Must be good for endo!

Today I have come across some information that might be of interest to you.

I found some research into aromatase inhibitors derived from food and their effect on breast cancer. There are similar contextual similarities between endo and many other illnesses including breast cancer. The main one here is oestrogen dominance which also drives endo. Aromatase inhibitors help convert androgens to oestrogen so if oestrogen is dominant one of the ways of tackling this is to block the aromatase.

Well, it seems that button mushrooms (and other mushrooms) are really good aromatase inhibitors! jn.nutrition.org/content/13... However, this study was not able to determine what quantity of mushrooms would be required to obtain the same effect as the extract they derived for the experiment.

Another article I found that might be useful is natural-fertility-info.com/... although I would be inclined to avoid cordyceps due to raising levels of 17-estradiol (E2). I don't know enough about the different oestrogen types to know if this is a bad one for us or not.

The other study was on red seedless grape juice being an aromatase inhibitor. Again, this study was for beast cancer but is relevant for endo northamericanpharmacal.com/...

So, magic mushrooms and red wine all round!

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Lots of info there - thanks. Tomorrow's tea planned!


Hi Dillweed,

How are you? x


I'm good today thanks. Lots of yoga and positive thinking! Hope you have a good weekend. X


Thanks. You too! x


And smoking is too..

it's my excuse for continuing to smoke, even though i can't afford to, it's my one and only indulgence in an otherwise very grim life.

Nicotine is great for endo - as an aromatase inhibitor.

Such a pity we cannot get reduced price fags for medicinal purposes.


That's interesting, I didn't know that! Such a pity they add chemicals to cigarettes. I thing they even add stuff that makes them more addictive.

Giving up things that make us happy can sometimes end up being counter productive...and make us more sad and therefore more ill.

I'm not a smoker. Do you think I should cover my body in nicotine patches?!! Hee hee!


Not at those prices LOL - Stick to the mushrooms and vino.


Hi Ladies, and Brownlow. Just to loop back to the discussion about aromatase inhibitors for reducing oestrogen. I am a member of EndoMetropolis Facebook group and just tonight, a lady posted that she has actually just been prescribed a course of aromatase inhibitors by an Endometriosis surgeon, in North California.

She will be on a 6 week protocol of an aromatase inhibitor (Letrozole) with progesterone (norethindrone acetate).

Apparently this surgeon does not like to prescribe GNRH because he does not see it is affective as treating endo, and believes these inhibitors are better.

I wonder, has any lady on this forum been prescribed aromatase inhibitors and if so, did it help the endo?

I could start a new chat if you ladies would prefer but thought I'd recycle this one, because Brownlow gave great info on natural inhibitors. And by the way, I recently bought some organic red Grape Juice and it was lovely, a little sweet but I diluted it with sparking mineral water (from a glass bottle of course). Red wine could do it but the alcohol won't help any of us I think. x


Hi YellowRose,

Welcome back!

You read my mind about aromatase inhibitors. I was also wondering if anyone had been prescribed them and why I'd never heard of this as a possible treatment. I'm just guessing but I think it might be because the AI's on the market are much stronger and are designed for something like breast cancer. The effect is...no oestrogen so you would end up with bone loss problems etc. therefore HRT would be needed.

If the woman in America is prescribed for only 6 weeks then would her oestrogen revert to previous levels? I was wondering if excessive aromatisation of oestrogen is like a kind of pump. It's a vicious cycle that needs to be disrupted. The AI and extra progesterone for 6 weeks might be designed to kind of reset the aromatisation to normal action.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how she gets on.


Hi YellowRose,

I just came across something interesting re aromatase inhibitors and endo in a book co-written by Dr. Redwine. I can't copy paste as it's in googlebooks. Let me know if the link doesn't work...and I'll stop being lazy and transcribe!


These are the sort of things we should all be bringing up at our doctor appointments. x


Thank you Brownlow. The link works. FYI Dr Redwine is the guy that often answers questions on EndoMetropolis, it's actually his Facebook page so you may be interested i joining. xx


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