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Yoga for Endometriosis online course by 2 women who have endo

Some of you may be interested in an online yoga course I found that is designed specifically for women with endo. I mentioned it on another thread but thought I'd do a separate post to bring it to everyone's attention. I must point out that I have no connection whatsoever with this course or the people behind it.

I haven't started it yet so I can't tell if it's any good or if it's effective. From what I've seen it seems good. They also state that they have considered women who have quite a lot of pain and therefore might not contemplate yoga. I think they have some gentler positions for that. I like the idea that I can do it whenever I want depending on pain. I signed up to a Pilates class and missed the whole course because of pain or discomfort on the day of the class!

It costs £36 until March 30th when it doubles in price. yoga4endometriosis.com

Melissa's (one of the yoga women) website cureendometriosis.com where you might find other things that could help you.

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Great idea! Thank you for sharing x


Is the site genuine? I feel a little concerned that they are offering it as a lifetime guarantee?


I do understand why one would be wary and you are right to ask questions. There are charlatans out there!

It is genuine. I have conversed with Melissa a few times by email over the past few weeks via her endo website. I also had a bit of trouble registering for the course and she helped me out with that directly. She's in New Zealand. She is currently studying to become a naturopath and is very committed to finding supportive things we can do to deal with endo.

The lifetime thing? there is a slight disclaimer that says it's for as long as the course is running. But that's ok with me. I think it's to cover themselves if something happens that's beyond their control. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any questions you have by the contact button at the top of the sales page.

There are plenty of free yoga videos on youtube so you could try that too but I went for this one because of the fact that they tailored it for endo having experienced it themselves and it's nice to come across something that is especially for us!

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Thanks for sharing this info :)


I had a try of this yesterday afternoon. I have never done yoga before. The first session is a relaxation and breathing session and I found it quite good but I'm sure you can find this sort of relaxation session on youtube quite easily.

The next session I found a bit difficult and not really aimed at a beginner.

However, all the sessions focus on yoga that helps endo and target things like the liver, kidneys and improving circulation and flexibility of the abdomen.

I have never bought a yoga dvd so I can't recommend any but you might find a dvd a bit more, how would I say? professional than this! There was a dog barking in the distance at one point!!

I think Tai Chi works for me a bit better but I will persevere with this.


Thanks Brownlow. I think that i will give it a go ;-)


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