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Has anyone tried TENS, Homedic iHeal or hear of vibration as pain relief?

Part 1: Question:

I saw an osteopath the other day and she made small vibrations through my belly with her hands. I liked it. She wasn’t only working on the endometriosis, but it gave me an idea...

Yesterday I experienced moderate pain so I took a vibrator, turned it on and pressed it near the pain. It relieved my pain instantly. I left it for 3-5 minutes and felt a little better afterwards. Now whether it was the vibrations, the placebo effect or it was just meant to pass, I don’t know! I tried to find some information online about vibrations and endo pain, but I can’t find anything and I wonder if this is safe...

Have you ever heard of vibrations as pain relief? If you work in the medical field, what do you think of this? Also, any experience/comment on TENS and Homedics iHeal for endo pain?

Part 2: Funny little story (question related):

I went to a sex shop to look at the different kind of vibrators for my experimentation. I found a huge one - it’s not for internal use and looks like a gigantic microphone. It has A LOT of power, I was impressed! I tried it on my hands and when I stopped playing with it in the shop, I realised that I couldn’t turn it off. I tried different settings, without success.

So I handed the humongous vibrator to the male shop assistant and said: “I can’t turn it off” (Red face).

I thought this would make you ladies chuckle ;-)

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Be a bit careful with vibrations. Endo is a living entity, each month it grows a new cover of menstrual lining which is fragile and not designed to stay on there more than a month (unless you happen to get pregnant in which case it thickens up) but being fragile, vibrations can make the lining shed off early causing you to bleed early.

It's the same when you have under taken a period of intense exercise and that can bring on an early period because it has caused some of the uterus lining to shed away too soon, leaving little open wounds behind that bleed and brings about anthing from slight spotting to a full blown period.

So while vibrations can initially raise your endorphin levels which are super pain killers, it doesn't last and could be masking damage being done at the same time.

Vibrations as a homeopathic solution for some types of pain, are really not compatable with endo because they are such fragile little blisters.

A TENS machine is better in this regard, it sends electrical pulses to stimulate the endorphins rather than phyicially shaking the endo around till the covers fall off some of them and they bleed.

Hope that explanation makes sense.


I have been using my tens lots lately and am feeling it is helping. I have the Philips wireless one and would recommend it, wear it for work and it lasts all day before needing charging x


I love my tens machine.... I have a Lloyd's pharmacy one.

Never tried a vibrator though! Gives me an excuse to go in an adult shop


lol barbara.. xx


Problem is YellowRose,I'm too old and shattered for all of that!

I'm happy with a coffee, a bar of dairy milk and a barrel of wine !


LOL! Love the vibrator story! I have used a TENS for my period pains for several years - Its great for when I'm at work and can't sit down with a heat pad. I tend to find I have to increase the settings on it every so often, as I think you become sensitised to it during use. I do find that I need to start using it before the pain gets too bad, or else, like anything else, it doesnt work fast enough! I bought a very small OVA unit which is especially designed for period pain. I think they're about £30 normally, but I got mine on Ebay for about £8. You can also buy replacement sticky pads and it runs on one CR2025 battery (you can get these cheap in shops like Poundstretcher).


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